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Natural Dish Soap That Is Plastic-Free

Natural dish soap is essential for cleaning your dishes the eco, sustainable, zero waste, plastic-free way. Natural dish soap is great and doesn't have to be used just for the dishes. At Peace With The Wild, we stock plastic-free, natural dish soap that is multipurpose and still super effective! Natural dish soap paste by Sintra Naturals can be used for a variety of natural cleaning purposes including use on cookers, sinks and bathrooms. What's not to love?

Zero waste, natural dish soaps also have a number of benefits for our planet! One main benefit of using a natural dish soap is that they eliminate the need for a plastic bottle, that's right they are 100% plastic free! It may be convenient but so is a natural dish soap, plus they last longer, are more sustainable and end up saving your more money in the long run.

Many commercial soaps that come in plastic bottles are not recycled, some are but the majority end up in landfills for hundreds of years. What makes plastic so damaging to the environment is not just the amount of resources used to deal with the plastic pollution crisis it's also how long it takes for plastic to break down. When plastic breaks down it releases the toxins and chemicals that were used to make it, it also breaks down into microplastics which can work their way into waterways and cause harm to aquatic life. The breakdown of plastic takes hundreds of years and when you think how much plastic is thrown to waste you can see how this can cause significant environmental damage.

But it is not just plastic! Unlike sustainable, vegan, natural dish soap, commercial soap is made with harsh chemicals, synthetic additives, fragrances and preservatives. These chemicals are then washed down the drain and work their way into waterways, exposing aquatic life to harm. Commercial dish soaps are also manufactured in a carbon heavy way that pollutes the environment far more than the plastic free, natural dish soap alternatives, that are handmade in small batches using eco, sustainable methods.

At Peace With The Wild, all our eco-friendly, natural dish soaps are made with our planet in mind, with only natural, vegan, cruelty free, organic ingredients that are kind yet still effective at cleaning your dishes and leaving them sparkling! Say goodbye to plastic and transform your eco kitchen and natural washing up regime with a plastic-free, natural dish soap!

Natural Dish Soap For Sparkling Clean Dishes

Discover our range natural dish soaps that are all made with natural, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients. Free from additives and synthetics, our natural dish soaps are 100% chemical free! Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled, using a natural dish soap is a fantastic, zero waste alternative to plastic bottles. Switch to a plastic-free, natural dish soap and leave your dishes sparkling clean the natural, zero waste way!

13 products

Products (13)