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Ditch The Plastic And Switch To A Natural Body Wash

There are many benefits of using a natural body wash, at Peace With The Wild we supply all of our natural body wash in plastic free, eco friendly packaging to help reduce waste! Body washes in various forms have been around since the 1800s, centuries after the invention of the humble soap bar. In 1865, a chap called William Shepphard patented the formula behind liquid soap but it didn’t really take off until the end of the century. 

Unfortunately, since then shower gel and body wash became more and more filled with chemicals and less and less about actually taking good care of your skin. Harsh detergents and foaming agents like sodium laureth sulfate were used to strip dirt off the skin but sadly they removed a lot of the good oils as well. Furthermore, these ingredients could end up causing rashes, irritation and dryness- not what you want! These surfactants made from synthetic ingredients or palm oil make the skin feel squeaky clean but are not good for you, or the environment. These ingredients can make up as much as 50% of the finished product as well as water, thickeners, and artificial fragrances.

Chemicals found in commercial body washes often remove moisture from our skin and we end up absorbing and inhaling the less than wonderful ingredients. Over time these can build up and cause a number of issues including allergies, rashes, dematits, and patchy skin. These synthetics are much cheaper than natural, vegan, eco alternatives but that is about the only benefit they have.

Eco friendly, vegan, cruelty free, natural body wash contains natural ingredients that are there because they are beneficial to us and our skin. They also help to maintain a healthy PH balance and to moisturise and protect our delicate skin. By using natural and vegan ingredients it also means we are not at risk of absorbing anything nasty into our bodies, including things like pesticides and manmade chemicals. Instead, using natural botanicals, natural essential oils, sea salt, vegan extracts of various plants, and other wondrous things, we can ensure that we remain healthy inside and out.

The majority of these commercial products come packaged in single use plastic bottles that are harmful to make and harmful to dispose of. The solution is simple- either switch to natural solid soap or get your hands on a gorgeous eco, vegan, cruelty free, natural body wash that we have tried, tested, loved, and stocked!

Nourish And Cleanse Your Body With A Natural Body Wash

Discover our collection of natural body wash, all made with natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients that are eco friendly and chemical free! Nourish and cleanse your body with a natural body wash that is kind to your skin and our planet. Shop natural body wash in a range of delightful natural scents from eco brands such as Moo Hair, Eve Of St Agnes and Flawless. There has never been a better time to switch to a natural body wash! Natural body washes with chemical free, vegan and natural ingredients are a great way to take care of you, and the world around you. Natural shower gel, natural shower cream, natural body wash- lots of different names for the same product, all of which do the same thing- get you clean.

42 products

Products (42)