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The Benefits Of Vegan Makeup Palettes

Vegan makeup palettes are great! You can get powdered vegan makeup palettes or even natural, vegan eyeshadow palettes. Most vegan makeup palettes have a beautiful range of shades you can use to create gorgeous, subtle or striking looks, whether you are wanting a pop of colour through the day or glam up in the evening, vegan makeup palettes suit all your needs.

Traditionally, most commercial makeup palettes are thrown away after you have used them and with the majority being made from plastic can see how this can become damaging to the environment. Especially when plastic breaks down into microplastics which pollute our waterways and can harm the environment and wildlife around us. At Peace With The Wild, we have an eco friendly, sustainable solution. Our vegan makeup palettes are made from sustainable bamboo and are designed to be refillable!

When the time has come and you need to refill your vegan makeup palette all you have to do is purchase the Zao vegan makeup refill you require and place it in your bamboo cases, simple!

No throwing away the entire case! This means less waste and a far more eco-friendly, zero waste way of doing things.

At Peace With The Wild, all our vegan makeup palettes are made with natural, cruelty-free, chemical free and vegan ingredients that are kind and gentle to your skin and our planet. Let's makeup the eco way!

Vegan Makeup Palettes That Are Refillable

Discover our collection of vegan makeup palettes that are made with certified organic, vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients. Our vegan makeup palettes by Zao are stylish and perfect for easy storage. What's great about our natural, vegan makeup palettes is that they can be refilled with our individual vegan makeup refill palettes, which helps minimise waste, reduce plastic pollution and live a more zero waste lifestyle!

4 products

Products (4)