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The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Nail Polish Remover

Eco-friendly nail polish remover is an essentials when it comes to removing your vegan nail polish. It can sometimes be a job that we put off and leave till the very last minute but removing your vegan nail polish doesn't have to be such a chore.

At Peace With The Wild, we have the perfect, essential combination you will need to remove your vegan nail polish the eco-friendly, zero waste way.

Simply get your vegan, eco-friendly nail polish remover and your bamboo, reusable nail polish remover pad, apply a bit of eco-friendly nail polish remover solution to the reusable nail polish remover pad, and then rub directly onto the nail. The eco-friendly, bamboo, reusable nail polish remover pad can then be washed and air dried, ready to use again - see, its easy!

Opting for an eco-friendly nail polish remover is not only easy, but it also has some benefits for your nails and overall health. Did you know commercial nail polish remover is made with harmful chemicals and ingredients such as alcohol, isopropyl, acetone and many more. These harmful chemicals are absorbed by the body and can damage your nails, causing them to become dry, and in some cases can even irritate your eyes, nose, and the skin surrounding your nail.

However, there is an eco-friendly, natural, vegan solution that is kind and gentle. At Peace With The Wild, we stock eco-friendly nail polish removers that are free from harsh chemicals. Instead they contain eco ingredients that are natural, biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty free; perfect for maintaining healthy nails.

Eco-Friendly Nail Polish Removers That Are Kind To Your Nails

Discover our hand-picked collection of eco-friendly nail polish removers that are made with natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients and sustainable materials. Supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly packaging that is biodegradable and recyclable! Transform your vegan nail polish regime to one that is zero waste and eco-friendly. Shop eco-friendly nail polish remover from Fresh Therapies and we even stock eco, bamboo, reusable nail polish remover pads from Tabitha Eve.

2 products

Products (2)