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Natural, Organic Seeds For Wildflowers & Herbs

Natural, organic seeds are wonderful for bringing colour and life to your garden the eco friendly way! Transform empty spaces with lush flowers and herbs that grow naturally and really make a garden special.

With bee and butterfly populations and other insects decreasing over the years it is important that we make the changes we can in order to help them grow. One great way to do that is by planting vegan, natural, organic seeds.

Did you know? Wildflowers are great at providing pollinators and insects with food, pollen, nectar, shelter and places to breed. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies then return the favour by transferring the pollen they have collected, enabling wildflowers to develop seeds that produce more wonderful wildflowers.

Wildflowers are not just great for pollinators! Wildflowers are also beneficial to birds and mammals, over the winter months when food is scarce, the wildflower organic seeds become an important food source for local wildlife.

At Peace With The Wild, our range of natural, organic seeds are perfect for encouraging pollinators as well as helping make your garden look beautiful. We stock natural, organic seedboms by Kabloom which are made with organic compost that is peat-free! We even stock Beebombs which totally transform your garden and are designed to bring the bees back! Beebombs are a beautiful organic seed mix of over 1000 organic seeds from 18 wildflower species mixed with protective clay and sifted top soil, ideal for creating a gorgeous natural wildflower meadow.

Also if you are a keen gardener or just a beginner, we stock organic herb growing kits for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for someone who loves fresh, natural and organic ingredients! Grow your favourite herbs with organic seeds and say goodbye to commercially grown herbs in plastic packaging. Transform your garden with our range of vegan, natural, organic seeds and watch the wildflowers and herbs grow the eco-friendly way!

Organic Seeds That Bring Your Garden To Life

Discover our collection of vegan, natural, organic seeds that are perfect for bringing life to your garden and any empty outdoor space the eco-friendly way. Let the wildflowers flourish, great for local wildlife and encouraging pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Shop an eco friendly selection of natural wildflower and herb organic seeds, by eco-friendly brands such as Kabloom, Beebombs and Sprig & Sprout! All supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused.

82 products

Products (82)