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Reusable Glass Water Bottles, Stay Hydrated The Eco-Friendly Way

Reusable glass water bottles are an eco-friendly on-the-go essential! Perfect for filling with water or your favourite drink to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Reusable glass water bottles are easy to carry and fit in your bag. Take your reusable glass water bottle to work, school, events, when travelling, camping, walking or having a picnic. The uses for your eco, reusable glass water bottle are endless!

Unlike plastic, single-use and disposable options, reusable glass water bottles have some amazing benefits for you as well as our planet. Here are a few reasons why here at Peace With The Wild we love reusable glass water bottles.

One main benefit of reusable glass water bottles is that they are washable! Easy to clean, reusable glass water bottles can be reused time and time again without the need to replace them.

Reusable glass water bottles are a far more economical choice that will shave you money in the long run. Not only because they are reusable and are highly durable but you are able to get a lot more for your money. Did you know that 90% of the price you pay for bottled water is the manufacturing of the actual bottle and transport costs.

Another advantage of switching to a reusable glass water bottle instead of one that is single-use is that glass is 100% recyclable! The use for glass is endless and can be recycled with no loss in quality, it also does not create any waste or by-products from the recycling process which is great for our planet and helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Have you ever noticed when using plastic options it can absorb odours and colours? Reusable glass water bottles never absorb contents, are toxic free and non leaching! Cleaner, healthier and safer, what's not to love?

At Peace With The Wild we stock an eco-friendly selection of reusable glass water bottles that have been hand-picked for the natural, sustainable and eco credentials. In a variety of designs and colours there is an eco-friendly, reusable glass water bottle for everyone.

Reusable Glass Water Bottles That Are Eco

Discover our huge range of reusable glass water bottles that are made with eco, natural and recyclable glass and materials. Reusable glass water bottles are a sustainable and zero waste alternative to disposable bottles! Help reduce your carbon footprint and shop reusable glass water bottles by eco brands such as Soul, SoL, Neon Kactus, and Qwetch. Stay hydrated while on-the-go the eco way!

23 products

Products (23)