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Vegan Shaving Soap That Is Kind To Your Skin

Vegan shaving soap is great and also an essential when it comes to a zero waste shaving regime. Using a vegan shaving soap has some great benefits for the skin, as well as achieving a cleaner shave!

Commercial alternatives usually come in the form of foams and chemically made soaps. This maybe easy and convenient but for the skin they can be damaging. When products contain chemicals, additives and synthetics it can cause skin irritation, inflammation and allergic reactions. Also because of the nature of shaving, the skin is more exposed than ever which means it is important that the zero waste shaving products we use are as natural as possible to avoid irritation.

Vegan shaving soap is also great for those that require a close and clean shave. Using a natural shaving soap helps remove excess oils from the skin and with the combination of warm water that helps soften hairs, the results are far better than not using a vegan shaving soap at all. Also with the rich and warm lather that is produced from the vegan shaving soap it helps the reusable safety razor glide more gently over the skin, reducing dragging and means there is less chance of getting the odd nip or cut.

At Peace With The Wild, our range of natural, vegan shaving soaps are suitable for men and women, and come in a selection wonderful, natural scents. Our vegan shaving soaps are made with essential oils that have numerous healing and soothing properties, as well as smelling divine! We also have vegan shaving soaps that contain aloe vera; which is great for calming and cooling the skin, coconut oil; which is super nourishing, olive oil; which hydrates and is suitable for acne suffers as it kills bacteria, and even shea butter; which is high in vitamins that soften, tone and soothe your skin.

Our vegan shaving soaps are all supplied in eco, zero waste packaging that is 100% plastic free! So you don't have to worry about single use plastic here. So what are you waiting for... browse our hand-picked collection of natural, vegan shaving soaps and find the perfect one for your zero waste shaving regime.

Vegan Shaving Soap Handmade With Natural Ingredients

Discover our range of vegan shaving soap that is all handmade with vegan, cruelty free and natural ingredients. Our vegan shaving soap ensures for a kind and gentle shave which is less likely to cause irritation and inflammation. Unlike some commercial options our vegan shaving soaps are all chemical free which is not only beneficial to our skin, but also the environment around us! We also stock our Peace With The Wild range of organic shaving cream which are made with 100% organic, natural and vegan ingredients. All supplied in zero waste, plastic free packaging - shave the eco and vegan way!

14 products

Products (14)