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Why An Eco Friendly Toothbrush Is Kind To Our Planet

An eco friendly toothbrush is great! If you are seeking a more eco-friendly, natural, sustainable lifestyle then switching to an eco friendly toothbrush is a step on the road and is also probably one of the easiest eco swaps. Not only that but using an eco friendly toothbrush is an essential part of your natural dental care routine, so why delay?

If you use a plastic toothbrush, you are a part of the single-use plastic problem. Over the years, the design of the toothbrush has changed very little, but the biggest difference is the fact that they are usually made out of plastic and that plastic unfortunately ends up in the world around us. Which is why choosing an eco friendly toothbrush that is made using recyclable, eco, natural, sustainable and biodegradable bamboo and beechwood is important.

Before today’s eco toothbrushes were invented, people turned to nature to keep their teeth clean- twigs, feathers, bones, and even the quills of a porcupine were used to brush away food debris. People also used so-called ‘chew sticks’ which had frayed ends that were used to brush the teeth and a sharp end that was used as a toothpick. Devices such as these were used by Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Islamic cultures but it was said to have its real origins in China, during the Tang Dynasty between 619-907.

It consisted of a bamboo handle with hog bristles coming out of the top. By 1223, they had upgraded to oxbone and then the concept spread to Europe and became popular during the 17th Century. The first recorded mention of a toothbrush was in 1690 and the harsh hog hair had been replaced with softer horsehair. Unfortunately, they didn’t take on as many preferred to use a rag covered in soot and salt, thinking that this was more effective.

The first mass produced toothbrush in the UK was made by a man called William Addis in 1780 and was made out of an animal bone and bits of bristle. He was in prison at the time he invented it and when he was released, he started his own business “Wisdom Toothbrushes” who to this day, make around 70 million each year.

By the 1900s celluloid replaced bon handles and animal bristles were replaced by nylon and the first plastic bristle brush went on sale in 1938 with the first electric toothbrush going on the market twenty years later.

Today, it is one of the items that most of us just cannot live without, but this is causing a bit of a problem.

In the UK we throw away some 264 million toothbrushes every year and in the US this number rises to some 1 billion in the US. The number of toothbrushes being made and thrown away each year has grown steadily since the very first one was made back in the 1930s.

The plastic that these brushes are made of is not biodegradable and instead breaks down into smaller microplastics that pollute our beaches, rivers, and oceans. We need to cut back on our usage and switch to more sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, biodegradable options, and that is where we come in! 

At Peace With The Wild you can shop a range of fantastic eco toothbrushes that are made from compostable, biodegradable, sustainable bamboo, eco friendly, recyclable, natural beechwood and even our vegan, eco friendly toothbrush sonic set from Georganics. Oh and not forgetting all supplied in zero waste, plastic-free packaging!

Make The Switch To An Eco Friendly Toothbrush

Discover our fantastic range of eco toothbrushes that are made with eco friendly, natural, sustainable, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable bamboo and eco-friendly beechwood. They are all supplied in plastic free, recyclable packaging that is zero waste and helps reduce plastic pollution. Shop eco friendly toothbrush brands such as Geogranics, Hydrophil, Bambooth, Truthbrush, Bambaw and many more. We have a great eco selection of eco toothbrushes with a variety of bristle heads including ultra soft, soft, medium and firm. We also have a range of natural, sustainable, recyclable and bamboo, eco toothbrushes in different colours and sizes, perfect to suit the whole family. An eco friendly toothbrush is also a lot kinder to our planet compared to plastic alternatives...

57 products

Products (57)