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Wash And Condition Your Hair With Natural Men's Shampoo & Conditioner

Natural men's shampoo and natural men's conditioner is great for eliminating harsh chemicals and reducing your use of plastic in your natural haircare routine!

Many conventional and commercial shampoos and conditioners are packaged in plastic and are often packed full of chemicals that can in fact do more damage to your hair than good!

Another advantage of natural men's shampoo and natural men's conditioner is that they last a lot longer and result in far less waste.

If you are new to natural products, we stock natural men's shampoo which has no transition period. Great for beginners and a lot easier to incorporate into your vegan and natural men's haircare regime.

Did you know it is estimated that 520 million shampoo bottles are thrown away every year in the UK. This puts extra strain on our planet and has a negative impact on the environment. Plastic pollution creates greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming and it is estimated that plastic will soon be a bigger contributor to climate change that shipping and aviation put together!

At Peace With The Wild we have an eco-friendly and plastic free solution that will help you reduce plastics in your bathroom. Wash and condition your hair the environmentally friendly way with natural men's shampoo and natural men's conditioner from sustainable, zero waste brands such as Bain & Savon, Primal Suds, Rugged Nature, and Feego!

Natural Men's Shampoo & Conditioners That Are Plastic Free

Discover our range of natural men's shampoo and men's natural conditioners that are made with natural, vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free ingredients! Kind, gentle and effective all our men's natural shampoo & men's natural conditioners are super nourishing and will leave your hair soft and well groomed. Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused!

14 products

Products (14)