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Eco Dish Sponges Made With Natural Materials

Eco dish sponges are an essential when it comes to natural cleaning and washing those dirty dishes. Reusable, eco dish sponges don't have to just be used for dishes they also have some other amazing cleaning uses!

You can use natural, eco dish sponges for cleaning kitchen surfaces such as cupboards and worktops, removing stubborn stains and spills. Eco dish sponges are also effective for cleaning your sink, cooker, hob and even fridge. Eco dish sponges can also be used to clean your bath and shower, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you don't mix the same eco dish sponge for different uses around your home!

Switching to a natural, eco dish sponge is far more eco-friendly than using a commercial, disposable one! The majority of sponges you find in the supermarket are made from synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, dyes and other synthetic fibres that can't be recycled and do not biodegrade. What makes it worse is that they are made from unsustainable manufacturing methods that use non-renewable resources such as oil and gas, and therefore have a negative impact on our planet.

However there is an eco, natural and sustainable solution! At Peace With The Wild, we stock a fantastic range of reusable, eco dish sponges that are made using natural, vegan, organic materials from renewable resources. One of the natural materials our eco dish sponges are made with is plant cellulose which is vegan and 100% plastic free! Super absorbent, durable and effective at cleaning, eco dish sponges made with plant cellulose are completely biodegradable!

Coconut coir is also a sustainable, natural material that works wonders as an eco dish sponge. Their durable texture means they are great at scrubbing away hard to remove grease and residue. Eco dish sponges made from sustainable coconut coir are reusable, home compostable and 100% biodegradable. Loofah sponges, cotton eco dish sponges, jute eco dish sponges, and eco cleaning cloths made from cotton are also natural, sustainable alternatives that are effective at cleaning but still care for our planet and are environmentally friendly.

At Peace With The Wild, you can start your eco transformation and clean your dishes the natural, plastic free way! With eco dish sponges by natural, sustainable brands Eco Living, Lavinia, Zero Waste Club, Marley's Monsters, Loofco and many more you can find the perfect natural, eco dish sponge and eco cleaning cloth for every task around your zero waste, eco home.

Eco Dish Sponges For Natural Cleaning

Discover our range of eco dish sponges and eco cleaning cloths that are made with natural, organic and sustainable materials. Eco dish sponges are the sustainable, reusable alternative to disposable sponges, they are also biodegradable! Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused. Wash your dishes and clean your home the natural way with a reusable, eco dish sponge and eco cleaning cloth.

52 products

Products (52)