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Vegan Wax Wraps That Are Washable & Reusable

Vegan wax wraps are an eco kitchen essential and a great sustainable, zero waste alternative to conventional plastic food storage options such as cling film. The problem with cling film and other plastic storage options is that they are single-use, meaning they are disposed of after you have used them. This encourages the use of unsustainable materials like plastic and therefore adds to the plastic pollution crisis.

In order to be more eco and sustainable it is better to look for plastic free, eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible. Vegan wax wraps are the perfect reusable, eco alternatives that are simple and easy to adopt into your zero waste lifestyle when at home and on-the-go.

There are many eco friendly benefits to using vegan wax wraps for you and our planet. One great advantage of vegan wax wraps over cling film and other plastic food storage items is that they keep food fresher for longer! This is because vegan wax wraps are made using natural and organic cotton that is infused with cruelty free, vegan plant-based wax and organic jojoba oils which enables a breathable environment when wrapped around food. Allowing food to breathe while being stored is essential when it comes to keeping it fresh! Plastic bags and cling film on the other hand do not allow for a breathable environment and as a result speeds up the process of mould growth, acting as an incubator for bacteria.

Reusable, vegan wax wraps can last up to a year, but when it is time to replace them you can dispose of them guilt free! That's because eco, cruelty free, vegan wax wraps are compostable and 100% biodegradable. Also because they are plastic free they do not break down into microplastics or release any nasty chemicals, which is far better for the environment and wildlife.

Reusable, vegan wax wraps can be used to wrap and keep your sandwiches and snacks fresh but also so much more. That includes fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and bread and can even be used to cover leftovers. A handy tip is to use vegan wax wraps to cover bowls, jars, carafes and even your favourite bottle of wine! You can even use them to wrap natural deodorant bars, natural soap bars and natural shampoo bars - what's not to love?

At Peace With The Wild, you can shop our wonderful eco selection of reusable, natural, cruelty free, vegan wax wraps that have all been hand picked for their eco credentials. Discover our favourite zero waste brands and find the perfect reusable, vegan wax wrap for your plastic-free food storage needs. We even stock vegan wax wraps in lovely, colourful designs that will brighten up your eco kitchen and transform the way you store your food!

Vegan Wax Wraps, Keep Food Fresh The Eco Way

Discover our huge range of vegan wax wraps that are made with natural and organic cotton, and vegan plant-based wax. Vegan wax wraps are the eco, plastic free, reusable alternative to cling film. Washable and reusable, keep food fresher for longer the sustainable, vegan way! Supplied in plastic-free, eco friendly packaging that can be recycled or reused. Shop vegan wax wraps from eco brands such as BeeBee, Vegan Food Wraps, and Rowen Stillwater.

3 products

Products (3)