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Natural Cereals In Zero Waste Packaging

Natural cereals are staple foods that are a fantastic source of nutrients, energy, carbohydrates, protein and fibre. They also taste delicious and leave you feeling fuller for longer in comparison to some other foods.

Natural cereals with a difference! At Peace With The Wild all our natural cereals are supplied in plastic-free paper bags which are recyclable and 100% compostable.

Before delivery all our natural cereals are stored in air-tight containers and then weighed out into paper bags. It is important to note that when they arrive please store at home in a container to keep your natural cereals fresh!

Our natural cereals are an eco-friendly and zero waste alternative to conventional and commercial options that are packaged in single-use plastics. Although most of the outer packaging is recyclable they still create waste with their inner plastic liner.

Opting for completely plastic-free, natural cereals will reduce your carbon footprint, the amount of waste going to landfill and the worlds resources.

At Peace With The Wild we stock natural cereals that have been hand-picked for their delicious taste, healthy and eco-friendly credentials. Stock up on your favourite natural cereals and transform your kitchen and pantry into one that is free from plastic!

Natural Cereals That Are Organic & Vegan

Discover our range of natural cereals made with vegan, natural, or organic ingredients that have been ethically and sustainably grown and sourced. The zero waste alternative to conventional food packaging, all our natural cereals are supplied in plastic free paper bags that are recyclable and compostable. Shop UK grown oats, organic bran flakes, organic muesli and organic granola. We even stock natural cereals that are gluten-free!

7 products

Products (7)