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When making tea, there are certain accessories that you'll need for sure, especially when using loose tea, flowers, or leaves. Making tea is a meditative routine for most tea lovers and making a big fuss about this is nothing to be embarrassed about. The tea accessories that we have for you here are ones to help you maintain sustainability. These items are plastic-free and will be recycled at the end of their long life. Plastic items not only have chemicals in them that leach into your food, but they’re also strenuous to the environment. The process of mining petroleum, transporting, and turning it into plastic emits lots of gases and causes a lot of carbon footprint. All this becomes even worse because once most pieces of plastics are made, they don't get recycled and end up in landfills and oceans, further damaging the planet.

On the other hand, using stainless steel amaryllis or glass materials means that these items will be recycled. Stainless steel items get crushed and made into a different item to serve you. Glass jars also get reused, serving us longer, which is entirely sustainable. We have reusable tea trainers, teaspoons, and stainless steel mesh strainers. You can get a stainless steel infuser or a reusable organic cotton tea bag if you love infusing loose tea.

Sustainable tea accessories

Take your pick of tea accessories here at Peace With The Wild. We're equally obsessed with tea and provide you with sustainable tea accessories. These tea accessories are made of stainless steel, meaning they won't leach any chemicals onto your drinks, and you can enjoy drinking tea worry-free.

10 products

Products (10)