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Organic Blush & Organic Bronzers That Are Made With Natural & Vegan Ingredients

The benefits of organic blush and organic bronzers are not only great for our skin but they are also kind to our planet. The Ancient Egyptians used natural ingredients all them years ago but unfortunately most of these (except the mulberries) were very toxic.

As the years passed, pale skin became fashionable whilst blushed or tanned complexions were seen as something only the working classes had. Women would aspire to deathly white skin with a dab of strawberry juice on each cheek for a subtle flush. Elizabeth I of England created a concoction of lead pent and vinegar that she used as makeup, but by Georgian times, women were using crushed cochineal beetles to give them a rosy glow.

Queen Victoria put a stop to all of that when she declared such practices as indecent and banned it all. As a result, women would pinch their cheeks or use beetroot juice to create the illusion of a natural redness. Then, by the 20th century, French cosmetic companies started creating blushers for the commercial market.

Over the years, powders, creams, sticks, palettes, and stains have all promised to give us that much sought after colour, but the problem is most are made from chemicals and come in single use plastic packaging that is damaging to our planet!

There is however, a different way. At Peace With The Wild we have put together a wonderful selection of natural, vegan, cruelty free, organic blush and organic bronzers that are all environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, zero waste products that will make your skin glow with colourful radiance. No need to run a 10k or sit in the sun, just indulge in some of these divine natural, vegan, organic blush & organic bronzer products and enjoy.

Organic Blush & Organic Bronzers For a Sunkissed Glow

Discover our range of natural, organic blush and organic bronzers made with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. All supplied in eco-friendly, zero waste packaging! Shop natural, organic blush from Zao, organic lip stain from Fat & The Moon and Love The Planet vegan mineral blush. We even have refillable organic blush and refillable organic bronzer! Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to incorporate blusher into their beauty regime? They used ground ochre and rubbed it onto their cheeks. The Greeks used crushed mulberries and the Romans smeared powdered red vermillion over their cheekbones. Unfortunately...


14 products

Products (14)