Reusable Coffee Cups That Are Eco-Friendly

Discover our range of reusable coffee cups that are made using eco-friendly, recycled and biodegradable materials. Reusable coffee cups are a great eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable cups, helping reduce waste and your carbon footprint! Shop reusable coffee cups by eco brands KeepCup, Huski Home, Neon Katcus, Sol and many more.


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Reusable Coffee Cups For Sustainable Living

Reusable coffee cups are an essential when it comes to sustainable living and helping minimise waste. Having a cup of coffee has become an important part of people's lifestyle and schedule. Let's be honest, who doesn't love a delicious coffee in the morning! However with this every-growing demand the environment and our planet has been affected. It is well known that disposable cups are a direct cause of the overcrowding of landfills and environmental pollution.

These disposable options can take around 30 years to biodegrade and with how many are used everyday the scale of this negative environmental impact becomes worrying. It is estimated that 16 billion disposable cups are used every year worldwide, with 99.75% being dumped in landfills.

In the UK it is estimated that 7 million disposable cups are used every day, with the majority of them not being recycled due to being lined with plastic polyethylene. This also means when they begin to biodegrade they release microplastics which can degrade soil quality, work their way into waterways, put aquatic life at risk and even enter the food chain.

However there is an eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable solution! At Peace With The Wild we stock reusable coffee cups that are made with you and our planet in mind. Not only do they help keep our planet cleaner and healthier, they also keep your coffee or drink warmer for longer so that you can enjoy your coffee without rushing.

Another fantastic reason why eco-friendly, reusable coffee cups are great is that they help you save money! Eco, reusable coffee cups not only allow you to make a lovely coffee at home, work or for while on-the-go, they also help you get a discount off your coffee when you visit a coffee shop that offers the incentive.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock reusable coffee cups that are made from biodegradable, compostable, eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as recycled rice husk which is biodegradable and a great insulator, keeping your coffee warm the eco-friendly way. We also stock reusable coffee cups that are made using sustainable glass a far more leak proof alternative to disposables! In a variety of colours and designs you can find the perfect reusable coffee cup for you.