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Food waste is a big problem today, even though many people suffer from hunger and starvation. To prevent food waste, some companies help reduce this by taking surplus fruits and vegetables that would otherwise end up in rubbish heaps and turning them into delicious condiments, chutneys, jams, ketchup, and more. Often, these items are discarded aren't discarded because they've gone wrong but because they need to be the right colour, shape, or size. They typically need to be more attractive to the buyer. Condiments are more than just a side on your plate full of food. Condiments can quickly transform whatever food or salad you eat into a whole feast.

Fixing food waste can be a considerable struggle, and with such companies coming forward to help reduce food waste, it's a step in the right direction. These food condiments come from farms where companies come to pick up produce, only taking ones that are aesthetically pleasing and leaving behind ones that don't look too appealing. By picking such condiments, you'll be encouraging less food waste and consuming condiments made from natural and fresh ingredients. These condiments are 100% plant-based, and you can even find vegan mayonnaise. These condiments contain more ripe fruits and vegetables to add flavour and less than half the sugar you'd typically find packed in these condiments. Even though you might think it's okay for these "bad looking" vegetables and fruits to back into the compost pit, they take a lot of time to reach their peak and get harvested. Hence why it's best to use them to save more energy, prevent a farmer from undergoing lots of loss, and increase sustainability.

Vegan and eco-friendly condiments

Pick your favourite condiments here, packaged in an eco-friendly manner preventing more waste. These condiments are all 100% vegan and don't contain any harmful chemicals. Their primary purpose is to simultaneously add flavour to your meals and prevent food wastage.

15 products

Products (15)