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Natural Oil Pulling Mouthwash An Essential When It Comes To Natural Dental Care

Natural oil pulling mouthwash is an essential step when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Oral health and hygiene is so important for our overall health so taking care the natural, eco-friendly way is always best!

Natural oil pulling has been used for thousands of years and originated in India as part of natural healing practices and has now become widely used. Eco-friendly, natural oil pulling mouthwash is effective at reducing harmful bacteria and toxins that are in the mouth. This bacteria causes plaque which is a biofilm on your teeth that can lead to cavities, bad breath and gum inflammation.

Natural oil pulling mouthwash resolves this issue by dissolving the plaque and sweeping it away! Incorporating an eco-friendly, vegan, natural oil pulling mouthwash into your daily natural dental care routine will significantly improve your oral health, without the need for chemicals.

At Peace With The Wild, our hand-picked collection of natural oil pulling mouthwash is made with organic virgin coconut oil which is the key oil pulling ingredient. Coconut oil has powerful antibacterial properties and has long been used to draw out toxins and impurities. Not only does natural oil pulling mouthwash reduce bacteria, it also helps maintain and promote healthy teeth and gums.

Unlike commercial mouthwashes, our range of natural oil pulling mouthwash all come in plastic-free bottles that are eco friendly. Did you know? Plastic bottles are one of the worlds worst polluters so opting for a plastic-free alternative such as a natural oil pulling mouthwash is always beneficial. Let's take care of our planet together!

Natural Oil Pulling Mouthwash That Is Eco-Friendly

Discover our range of natural oil pulling mouthwash that are all made with vegan, cruelty free ingredients that are 100% natural! They also come supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly packaging that can either be recycled or reused; a far more zero waste alternative. Shop eco brand Georganics natural oil pulling mouthwash that comes in aluminium, plastic-free bottles, in a variety of natural flavours and sizes. A natural dental care essential, take care of your teeth and gums the natural, eco-friendly way!

5 products

Products (5)