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Plastic Free Toothpaste Tablets For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Plastic free toothpaste tablets are a revolutionary way of taking care of your teeth. Unlike conventional toothpaste, plastic free toothpaste tablets are 100% plastic free and do not come in a tube.

Commercial toothpaste that comes in a tube is usually made from many different layers of materials. This is mostly made up of layers of aluminium and plastic, this makes it challenging for recycling plants to separate and process them. As a result, the commercial toothpaste tubes end up in landfill and take hundreds of years to break down.

What's great about plastic free toothpaste tablets is that they are 100% natural and do not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the mouth and gums. Instead they are made with the finest natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients that leave teeth sparkling and breath fresh the natural way.

Oral hygiene can be difficult when switching to more eco, plastic free products as there is a fear that they will not work as well or be as effective. Most of the time commercial products trick us into thinking they are good for us because of their shine packaging but the truth is that is not always the case. But there is no need to worry, at Peace With The Wild all of our zero waste, plastic free toothpaste tablets are effective at keeping teeth clean and healthy.

Another benefit of plastic free toothpaste tablets is that they are very convenient and travel friendly. When travelling they can easily be placed in your luggage without the risk of spillages or leakages. Plastic free toothpaste tablets are also great for camping trips and festivals. What's not to love?

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a fantastic selection of all natural, plastic free toothpaste tablets that are available in a wide range of natural flavours such as mint lemon, sage, eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, activated charcoal, orange and tea tree. We also have the option of fluoride or fluoride free. All our plastic toothpaste tablets come in a recyclable glass jar or recyclable paper packaging that is eco and zero waste!

Plastic Free Toothpaste Tablets That Are Zero Waste

Discover our range of plastic free toothpaste tablets that are all made with natural and vegan ingredients. Our plastic free toothpaste tablets are available in fluoride and fluoride free options, all are fantastic eco, natural, plastic-free alternatives to conventional toothpaste. They are even supplied in recyclable and reusable packaging! Shop eco-friendly brands such as Denttabs, Hydrophil, Truthpaste and Georganics. Make plastic free toothpaste tablets part of your natural dental care routine and care for your teeth and gums the eco, plastic free way!

12 products

Products (12)