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Reusable Baby Wipes That Kind To Our Planet

Reusable baby wipes are great, say goodbye to the disposable and hello to the reusable & washable alternative! Unlike the disposable version, our range of reusable baby wipes are 100% cotton, bamboo and chemical free, they are also plastic free which means they do not pollute our environment and are earth friendly.

Everyone uses or has used a disposable baby wipe at least once, while some use them daily. Disposable baby wipes are mostly made of polyester or polypropylene and soaked in chemicals that can irritate and be harsh to the skin. What's worse is that once we have used them we throw them away and once thrown away these disposable wipes can clog up drainage systems and pose a hazard to wildlife. Aside from this, we go through thousands in a single lifetime and the cost really racks up over say, 50 years.

But, there is an eco, zero waste alternative to this disposable baby wipe crisis and at Peace With The Wild, we made sure that it was a sustainable and plastic free one in the form of reusable baby wipes made from 100% cotton and bamboo.

Some people may be concerned that using reusable baby wipes is unhygienic but if you take care of them properly and wash them regularly there is no issue. Another concern may be the fact that you have to wash them afterwards, using more water and energy to do so. The truth is that this has less of an impact on the environment that discarding products that take hundreds of years to break down, and as they are small items, the added amount of work involved in cleaning them is negligible.

At Peace With The Wild, you can discover our full collection of eco, natural, reusable baby wipes, all supplied in plastic free, zero waste, recyclable packaging. Reusable baby wipes that are kind to your skin and our planet!

Reusable Baby Wipes That Are Zero Waste

Discover our range of reusable baby wipes handmade from natural cotton and sustainable bamboo. They are also all supplied in eco, plastic free packaging which is kind to our environment, helps minimise waste and reduce plastic pollution. Our reusable baby wipes are all washable, reusable, strong and long lasting making them the perfect replacement for commercial disposable baby wipes. We stock a fantastic range of eco, reusable baby wipes from eco friendly brands such as Marley's Monsters, Tabitha Eve and Vesta Living. In a selection of colours and beautifully designed prints we have a great choice for you to find the perfect reusable baby wipe. Reusable baby wipes are an essential in any natural skincare or vegan makeup routine, not only are they versatile, they are also soft, kind and gentle when in contact with the skin.

4 products

Products (4)