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Often, when there's harsh weather outside, our lips tend to take the fall for it becoming chapped. Since your lips are on your face, it's easy for other people's eyes to get drawn there, and it isn't a good look when they're chapped. To prevent chapped lips, you can use moisturising lip balms to take care of them. If you'd love some colour on your lips, there are even more varieties of lipsticks you can use. When using vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and 100% natural products, you'll be saving the environment, not harming your skin and the animals.

These cruelty-free lip balms and lipsticks are free from toxic chemicals like alcohol, parabens, petroleum, and propylene glycol. Even though you'll see immediate results when using products with these chemicals, using them over a length of time will be doing your lips more harm than good. These lip products contain 100% natural and organic ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. Since you'll be using lip products with 100% natural products, you'll be nourishing your lips since they contain lots of antioxidants. Most vegan lip balms tend to be rich in vitamins E, A, and C. they will moisturise and repair damaged lips.

Here at Peace With The Wild, we even have vegan lip balms that nourish your lips while protecting them from sun damage. Getting yourself a good vegan lip balm or lipstick means that your lips will retain their suppleness even as you age. These days, more people are choosing to consume products consciously, and that's why we ensure you get products that we're sure haven't harmed the environment or the animals. Ensuring this means that we'll be lowering your carbon footprint for you.

Using effective vegan lip products means you won't worry about irritation. Of course, sometimes irritation can occur if you're allergic to certain natural products, but since these products contain 100% natural and organic products, there is less chance of getting irritation. Often, regular lip products contain at least one ingredient that isn't good for the environment. For example, most regular lip balms contain petroleum which is sourced by drilling the earth. But when using a cruelty-free free product means you won't have to deal with any products sourced in unsustainable ways.

At Peace With The Wild, we ensure that you get products in eco-friendly packaging when you order. The lip products are created and placed in either recyclable metal tins or paperboard tubes, making them 100% compostable and recyclable. Using products in recyclable or compostable packaging allows us to be mindful of the environment.

Eco-friendly and cruelty-free lip products

At Peace With The Wild, you can discover a range of lip products, from lipsticks to lip balms, to keep your lips looking supple and feeling moisturised. Just because you'd love to have non-chapped lips doesn't mean it has to come at the cost of the environment or the animals. Here, you'll find eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan lip products that will leave you guilt-free since consuming them won't harm anyone. We live in a world where the climate is an ever-changing factor, and pollution keeps getting worse. It is our duty to put our foot down and be intentional with the products we use, ensuring we don't harm the environment or other creatures in the process.

79 products

Products (79)