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Natural Conditioners For Natural Healthy Hair

Using a natural conditioner can have wonderful results on our hair and it's health! Natural conditioner alternatives are chemical free and made with vegan and organic ingredients. But many conventional conditioners rely on silicone's and various forms of plastics to give the illusion that your hair is soft and healthy. This means that your hairs health is falsified and nothing is done to get to the root (excuse the pun) of any issues you might have such as dry or damaged strands, flaky scalp, or oiliness. These plastics build up on your hair only to be stripped out by harsh foaming agents, leaving behind dull, lifeless hair that overproduces oils to replete the ones removed, meaning the cycle continues.

Artificial fragrances are another issue- these can cause irritation to your skin and respiratory system as well as dry out the hair further. You should also keep your eyes out for preservatives, man-made oils, and other chemicals that have been linked to all manner of nasty health issues. Why risk your overall health for healthy hair, when there are so many other safer, more natural alternatives?

But it is not just what is in the conditioner that is the issue, it is what it comes packaged in as well. We throw away billions of single-use plastic bottles every year, many of which once contained shampoo and conditioner. Imagine you go through an average of three bottles of hair care (shampoo, conditioner, treatments, gels, serums etc) products a month, that is a staggering 2700 bottles per person in a lifetime.

Most of these bottles will end up in landfills or the ocean, broken down into microplastics that poison the environment and the animals that live in it. At Peace With The Wild, we cannot sit back and be a part of this.

That is why we have carefully curated a collection of sumptuous liquid and solid natural conditioners that come in plastic free packaging, do not contain nasty chemicals, are natural, organic, vegetarian (some are even vegan) and lessen your impact on the environment. Better that than, we have tried and tested them all to make sure they really do work wonders on your hair.

Don’t be shy, give them a try!

Nourish Your Hair With A Natural Conditioner

Discover our range of natural conditioners made with vegan and organic ingredients. Kind to your hair and our planet they are all supplied in plastic free packaging! So you have made the decision to switch out your shampoo for a natural alternative, but what about your conditioner? There is no point in using an eco-friendly, all natural shampoo then slathering on a silicone filled conditioner to undo all the good work. Why not use a natural conditioner to work in harmony with your natural shampoo.

19 products

Products (19)