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Natural Bathroom Products That Are Kind To Our Planet

Natural bathroom products are an essential if you are just starting out on your eco journey or are already much further along in becoming 100% sustainable. Wherever you are, having the key natural, eco friendly essentials is a must!

Natural bathroom products that are made with eco, zero waste, vegan, ethical, plastic-free, organic, sustainable ingredients and materials are not just better for you and your health, they are also much kinder to our planet.

Did you know? When we buy commercial bathroom products only 50% of packaging is being recycled. This means there is a lot of waste, as much as 40% going to landfill in the UK! Plus most commercial products are made from plastics which break down into microplastics that can pollute waterways and be harmful to us and wildlife.

It can be alarming to see how much actually goes to waste and everyday bathroom items can actually pollute our planet. For example a plastic toothbrush takes 400 years to biodegrade, body wash bottles take 450 years, and toothpaste tubes nearly 500 years. These figures become even more worrying when you think of how many people there is and how often these everyday bathroom products are thrown away and then replaced, only to repeat the cycle.

At Peace With The Wild, we understand that there is need for change, that is why we hand-pick every natural bathroom product in our collection to make sure they meet our eco-credentials. That's why are natural bathroom products are only made from natural or organic, vegan, cruelty free ingredients and even come in plastic-free, zero waste, eco packaging!

Natural Bathroom Products That Are Zero Waste

Discover our massive range of natural bathroom products that are made with eco, natural, organic, vegan, ethical and sustainable ingredients and materials. They are also supplied in eco friendly, plastic-free packaging that can either be reused or recycled! Transform your bathroom into a zero waste paradise with our hand-picked collection of natural bathroom products.

533 products

Products (533)