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Keep Food Fresh With Plastic Free Food Storage

Plastic free food storage is essential when keeping food fresh and organised. Transforming your eco kitchen into a zero waste, sustainable paradise is easy with a few simple eco swaps, one of them being reducing the use of single use food storage!

Convenience is a key factor when choosing products to store food, plastic food bags are probably one of the most common ways of keeping food fresher for longer.

However, there is an environmental problem with this method of storing food. The conventional plastic food bag is not washable or reusable and in most cases is used once and then thrown away. While some may go to recycling, some are disposed of in general waste and therefore adds to the forever growing plastic crisis. Also because they are made from plastic they take hundreds of years to biodegrade and when they do, they break down into microplastics which can be harmful to the environment around us.

An eco-friendly, zero waste alternative to these plastic sealable food bags is one that is washable, reusable and plastic free! Choose reusable food bags or eco food containers from eco brands such as A Slice Of Green, Green Island, and Stasher. What's great is they can be used for storing so many different types of food, fresh and dried. Designed to be used time and time again - just wash and reuse! They are also all vegan, natural, plastic free and recyclable.

Another plastic free food storage swap is opting for Beeswax wraps and vegan wax wraps instead of the conventional cling film and foil. Great for keeping food fresh when you pop it back into the fridge or even wrapping your sandwiches when out and about. Unlike cling film, beeswax wraps and vegan wax wraps are 100% natural, reusable, sustainable, and plastic-free. They are even compostable and biodegradable - say goodbye to plastic and hello plastic free food storage!

At Peace With The Wild, we also stock a wonderful selection of plastic free food storage including reusable bread bags. Reusable bread bags are an environmentally friendly way to keep your bread fresh and prevent it from going stale. Made with organic cotton they are reusable and 100% plastic-free. We even stock plastic free glass food storage jars that are recyclable and super sustainable. What's not to love?

Plastic Free Food Storage That Is Reusable

Discover our range of plastic free food storage, all made using eco-friendly, natural and sustainable materials. Plastic free food storage is essential when it comes to keeping food fresh! We stock eco food containers that are made from stainless steel, reusable food bags, beeswax wraps, vegan wax wraps, and sustainable glass pantry jars. All reusable, zero waste and plastic-free, and supplied in eco packaging that can be recycled or reused! Shop sustainable brands A Slice Of Green, BeeBee, Eco Living, If You Care, and more...

96 products

Products (96)