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Natural Beard Care That Is Kind To Our Planet

Natural beard care products are great if you are seeking a nourished and groomed beard. Not only that but they are also a lot kinder to your beard and skin than commercial products that can be harsh and damaging. Commercial products use chemicals, additives and synthetics that can dry our your beard and cause irritation and redness when in contact with the skin. Whereas natural beard care products are only made with natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients that are soft and gentle.

This also makes them kinder to our planet. With commercial products the chemicals they are made with can harm the environment around us and their 100% plastic, and unsustainable packaging can add to this. Opting for a natural beard care product will mean our impact which be much less on the environment.

At Peace With The Wild you can discover our hand-picked collection of natural beard care products including vegan beard oils, vegan and natural beard balms, and even natural beard kits; that has everything you need to keep a well groomed beard.

When it comes to natural beard care, vegan beard oil is great for nourishing and hydrating your beard. Not only that vegan beard oil hydrates the skin under your beard that can become dry and itchy as your beard grows.

Natural beard balm is also an essential when it comes to natural beard care, great for moisturising your beard and giving it all day protecting. It leaves your beard smelling great and feeling great too. Like vegan beard oil, natural beard balm can also help your beard grow and help tame any hairs that my need to be groomed back into place.

Shop eco friendly brands such as Rugged Nature and Valley Mist, and care for your beard the natural way. All our natural beard care products are supplied in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging that can either be recycled or reused.

Natural Beard Care Made With Vegan Ingredients

Discover our range of natural beard care made with vegan, cruelty free and natural ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Our natural beard care range is a collection of carefully hand-picked, natural beard care essentials that moisturise and nourish your beard and skin. All our natural beard care products are supplied in glass bottles and aluminium tins that can be recycled and reused after use, so they are kind to our planet too. Sometimes beards can be neglected but they shouldn't! Take care of your beard the eco-friendly, plastic free and natural way.

3 products

Products (3)