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Now that you're choosing to use more sustainable straws, it is essential to be keen about their cleanliness. A bamboo, glass, or stainless steel straw needs to be cleaned to prevent remnants of your previous drink in it when having your next drink. While using reusable straws, you need to clean them efficiently to remove germs and bacteria to reduce the risk of mould forming inside your straws. A straw cleaner makes it easy to reach the narrow and unique insides of the straw, making it clean.

Since straw cleaners come in constant contact with dirt, grime, and moisture, they should be created using durable material. Here at Peace With The Wild, we have straw cleaners that are not only eco-friendly but also made of plant-based material. These straw cleaners are durable, ensuring to serve you for a long time. You'll find long straw cleaners here, ensuring that all types of straws you may have will be served. The straw cleaner is also flexible, which ensures it can be bendy if you have a bendy straw and so, it pushes the dirt through the straw, leaving it squeaky clean.

Our straws are recyclable and plastic free. For example, you'll find a straw made of bendy stainless steel material and its brush made of natural sisal. All these materials used in making the straw cleaner are 100% vegan. The sisal is biodegradable, while the stainless steel material is recyclable. The straw cleaner will last you for a long time before you need to supersede it with a new one. Even when the time comes to replace it with a new one, you don't have to worry about your environmental impact because the sisal will compost while the stainless steel will be used to create something else.

Even though these straw cleaner brushes are suitable for cleaning your stainless steel straw or bamboo straw, you can use the brush as a natural mascara wand or a handy eyebrow brush. Of course, you should use different straw cleaners for grooming and cleaning your straws for hygienic reasons.

Plastic-free straw cleaners

Select your favourite straw cleaner or mascara wand here for the best experience. The straw cleaner is plastic free and doesn't come in any packaging. Since the material used in making the bristles is 100% biodegradable sisal, you don't have to worry about your impact on the environment. The stainless steel material, on the other hand, will be recycled. These straw cleaners will ensure that your bamboo straw remains mould-free. Often bamboo straws tend to have mould if left damp for long or if there are remnants of food in it. Bacteria growing in your straw can result in a stomach upset which isn't good hence why we recommend an eco-friendly straw cleaner.

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Product (1)