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When we think of the environment, we think of air, land, and water in any form. When using products you've purchased, as a conscious creature, it is best to ensure that you don't harm any of these in any way. When you see a "vegan" logo stamped on anything, this means that the producers have gone a step further and ensured that the product is free from animal proteins, hair, testing, or anything that involves harming those beautiful creatures in any way.

When you choose to use eco-friendly makeup accessories, you're taking some burden off of nature. You'll find that makeup accessories like makeup brushes and bags are made of material that doesn't decompose quickly, harming the environment. If you're conscious of this, you can purchase eco-friendly and vegan makeup accessories at Peace With The Wild. Instead of using makeup bags made of leather, you can use ones made of organic cotton.

While conventional makeup brushes are made using animal hair, vegan makeup brushes are made with plant materials like bamboo and cotton. Waste is quite an issue when it comes to makeup accessories. The faster your makeup accessories wear out, the faster you buy them and contribute to landfills. However, when you purchase eco-friendly and vegan makeup accessories, you'll be sure that these items last long, and once they're worn out, they decompose, feeding the soil rather than harming it.

Even though some materials used in making makeup accessories don't decompose easily, they're recyclable, and you can ensure to recycle them. If you're already using eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and toxic-free makeup products, adding eco-friendly makeup accessories is the way to go. The simple act of choosing a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brush means that you're choosing not to harm minks, camels, or squirrels. You'll find that these animals are kept captive, treated poorly, and injured or killed after hair removal. Even though this may seem extreme, it happens because of demand and supply, so these companies have to do what they can to ensure their customers get these products. Besides, vegan makeup brushes are easier to clean than ones made using animal hair. Natural and synthetic fibres tend to be easier to clean because they're less likely to trap dirt and bacteria.

On the other hand, natural hair has a cuticle (its natural covering) where bacteria can get caught beneath it. The more you introduce bacteria to your skin, the higher your likelihood of acne or irritation. Synthetic and vegan bristles don't contain cuticles; hence, you'll stay more hygienic. Using a vegan makeup bag means that another animal will also be spared. Leather bags making makeup bags are obtained from the skin of other animals that have to die for that cause. Using eco-friendly makeup bags made of cork, cotton, and bamboo is kinder to the animals.

Eco-friendly makeup accessories

Discover cruelty-free and eco-friendly makeup accessories that will ensure you'll not harm the land, water, soil, and animals. When using products, it should be everyone's goal not to harm anything or anyone in the process. If you're already using eco-friendly makeup, then you're already on a great path and adding these eco-friendly makeup accessories adds to your reduced pollution level. At Peace With The Wild, we ensure you use products that cause the least or no harm to the environment. These makeup accessories are among them. You can choose from a range of products to have your eco-friendly makeup accessories.

36 products

Products (36)