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If you love crisps and the environment, these would be the perfect natural ones for you. These crisps are made by two farmers who plant, harvest, and create batches of crisps with varying flavours, flavouring them with locally sourced ingredients. The entire process of making crisps uses renewable energy on the farm, ensuring that they're made sustainably. These crisps are hand cooked and come in compostable packaging. Using renewable energy means that consuming these crisps won't add to the ever-growing pollution that goes on in the world right now. Since the ingredients are vegan, anyone can consume these, enjoying the flavours without worrying about any possibility of them containing animal products.

The manufacturers also ensure that they keep the road miles low and work sustainably to give back to the environment. So, even though you'll be getting delicious crisps, they will also be aligned with the environment. Instead of contributing more to the already occurring environmental pollution, the manufacturers ensure that their products are the most eco-friendly. These crisps don't contain any preservatives, artificial flavours or colouring. They are also gluten-free, serving more people in the process.

Eco-friendly vegan crisps

Pick out your favourite flavour from these varieties of vegan crisps. Eating something yummy doesn't need to come at the cost of destroying the environment, and that's what we ensure at Peace With The Wild. These crisps come in compostable packaging and don't contain any added flavourings or colouring. They are plastic-free, vegan, hand-cooked, and gluten-free.

4 products

Products (4)