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Compared to other types of coffee, instant coffee is the most eco-friendly type. So, if you love instant coffee, don't be too pressed about your carbon footprint, as it's low because you require fewer beans for your coffee. Rehydrating coffee using hot water typically requires less energy than a coffee maker. Instant coffee produces around a third of the emissions caused by drip preparation. However, there's much more to instant coffee than its brewing method. If you're looking for vegan, organic, and Fair Trade coffee, then you're in the right place.

We have high-grade coffee that comes in glass packaging and a metal lid. The metal lead is recyclable, and the glass makes these entirely sustainable. There are different flavours of coffee on here from your favourite organic and vegan companies. You can find your favourite coffee flavour here. You don't have to worry about the process from the farmer to your table, as it's fair, and they (farmers) haven't been compensated unfairly. Also, no animals have been used or mistreated in your coffee preparation process.

Eco-friendly vegan instant coffee

Choose from a wide range of vegan coffee for your daily caffeine dose. The coffee here is packaged sustainably, ensuring you won't contribute to more pollution in landfills. These instant coffees also have no added sugar and are 100% original coffee. They're perfect for those who are lactose and gluten-free. You can choose whichever brand or flavour of coffee you enjoy the most, knowing fully that they're created sustainably for you and the environment.

24 products

Products (24)