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Natural Gardening Products That Are Organic & Vegan

Natural gardening is a real labour of love! Natural gardening has some amazing health benefits such as relieving stress as well as improving immunity, heart health and brain health.

A garden is an extension of your home but is also a sanctuary you can escape and be more at one with nature. Caring for your garden is important when maintaining healthy plants, grass, and keeping things tidy so your garden can be a space of joy and peace.

Unlike organic, sustainable and natural gardening products, many conventional products are made using chemicals and plastic which can be damaging to your garden and the environment. Opting for more organic, vegan, natural alternatives and eco, sustainable solutions is key for living an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

There has also been research that shows natural gardening can make you happy! A great way of bringing colour and life to your garden is with plants and flowers. At Peace With The Wild, we stock a fantastic range of Beebombs and seedboms by Kabloom. A mixture of organic compost and natural wildflower organic seeds that will transform any space to one that is flourishing with life and vibrancy. Our natural gardening products aim to encourage local wildlife, such as pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden.

Organic, sustainable, natural gardening is great! We even stock eco, plastic-free solutions for tidying your garden such as our compostable garden waste bags that can be used to collect leaves and then placed on the garden compost. They are completely biodegradable and 100% plastic free - what's not to love?

Transform your garden to a flourishing oasis that is plastic-free and eco-friendly with our organic, vegan, sustainable, natural gardening products. Shop sustainable brands Beebombs, Kabloom, Eco Living, Something Different, and Spring & Sprout. Supplied in plastic-free packaging for guilt-free natural gardening.

Natural Gardening Products For Sustainable Living

Discover our huge range of natural gardening products that are made with vegan, organic, natural and sustainable materials. Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused! Shop beebombs, seedboms, natural herb growing kits, and natural garden essentials for sustainable, plastic-free, natural gardening. Care for your garden with our eco, natural gardening products that kind to our planet!

145 products

Products (145)