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When you have your baby, you want what is best for them, even when it comes to utensils. Plastic utensils aren't good for the baby and the environment since they end up in landfills yearly, contributing to more pollution. Silicone and bamboo are excellent products that are also great for your baby since they don't leak chemicals into whatever is put in them. Plastic, on the other hand, contains lots of chemicals that can leach into the food put in them. When choosing bowls and utensils for babies, it is best to ensure they're items that don't harm the baby or the environment. Silicone and plastic are excellent durable materials and don't harm the planet further. Since both are plastic free, it's a win for the environment and your baby.

Bamboo, unlike silicone, is free of chemicals like lead, PVC, and BPA. Since it's also naturally microbial, it prevents the growth of bacteria. Since bamboo is natural, it will biodegrade if you need to throw your utensils away when they break. But you won't need to throw them away easily since they're durable. Bamboo and silicone are also beautiful and create an excellent finish for the table when you set utensils. Since babies love bright colours and soft textures, these baby bowls and utensils will be a great addition to your home. Bamboo and silicone utensils for babies are also very easy to clean. When raising a baby, you quickly realise how messy they can be, and getting utensils that are easy to wash ensures you don't have difficulty cleaning up after feeding them. Unlike plastic, bamboo and silicone don't hold onto dirt for long, making washing dishes easy. Bamboo and silicone spoons are designs that are easy for the baby to grab and fit perfectly in their little hands. Even though both materials are easy to grab, they're also strong enough for the baby to fiddle with them without breaking.

These silicone and bamboo materials making up baby bowls and utensils are also safe for babies to chew on, and you won't need to be worried that your baby will bite off a chunk of it and turn it into a choking hazard. There are even bowls with suction at the bottom, preventing them from falling off the baby's table. The biggest nightmare for mothers is when they serve babies, and two seconds later, they notice that the bowl is on the floor and food is all over the kitchen or dining area. That can be such a nuisance, especially when that's all you have for the baby, and now you need to cook a new meal because they're hungry. But when you have these suction bowls, you'll be sure that no plates will be flung during mealtime, and whatever you put in the bowls will remain until they're done eating.

Sustainable baby bowls and utensils

Choose the perfect eco-friendly baby bowls and utensils for your little one here at Peace With The Wild. These baby bowls and utensils are perfect for your little one as they won't leach any chemicals and later cause issues. They are also kid-friendly and durable. These baby bowls and utensils are a great choice as they won't cause harm to the environment and your baby.

28 products

Products (28)