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Wrap The Perfect Eco Gift With Eco Gift Wrap

Eco gift wrap is an essential when it comes to wrapping the perfect present. Often when it comes to giving a natural, zero waste, eco gift there can be a shortage of eco gift wrap options. At Peace With The Wild, we aim to solve this problem!

Most conventional gift wrap is made from plastic and can be damaging to our planet. Also the problem with cheap wrapping paper is that the fibres used are not strong enough to be recycled and therefore it goes to waste.

The plastic that is used to make various gift wrap options is often not recycled and therefore end up in landfill and polluting the environment. Cutting down and reducing the amount of plastic you use is essential when making changes to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

What makes conventional gift wrap so hard to recycle is that they are often decorated with glitter and sparkles that are made of plastic and in combination with plastic sticky tape the only option is landfill or be incinerated. Plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegrade! When plastic eventually does start to break down it releases microplastics which can pollute the environment and work their way into waterways. Microplastics also pose a significant risk to aquatic life who mistake the microplastics as food.

When it comes to commercial and conventional options the amount of trees that are cut down in order to make wrapping paper is alarming. This leads to deforestation and an increase in CO2 released into the atmosphere. Opting for sustainable, recycled, eco wrapping paper that is recyclable is the best eco friendly opting for protecting our forests and natural habitats. At Peace With The Wild, all of our eco gift wrap is made from recycled paper!

Conventional gift wrap is also made with materials that are unnatural and sometimes contain chemicals. These chemicals give wrapping paper and gifting accessories the bright colour and when used in manufacturing can pollute the environment; increasing its carbon footprint. At Peace With The Wild, all our plastic free, recyclable, eco wrapping paper is made using vegetable based inks that are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a wide eco friendly, natural, zero waste selection of eco gift wrap including recyclable, eco wrapping paper, reusable sari gift wrap, natural string and natural twine. All are supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled or reused! Transform the way you gift with our eco gift wrap made with you and our planet in mind.

Eco Gift Wrap That Is Recyclable

Discover our range of eco gift wrap and eco wrapping paper that is made with eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable materials. With eco-friendly and reusable alternatives we stock all the eco gift wrap essentials you need to wrap the perfect zero waste, eco gift! Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused. Shop eco gift wrap and eco wrapping paper by eco friendly brands Bachi Cord, Coccoina, Happy Wrap, Eco Living, and many more.

26 products

Products (26)