I’m Charlotte, the owner of Peace With The Wild.

It must have been a couple years ago now that I started to realise the damage that plastic and chemicals were causing both our environment and our bodies. I had suffered with bad acne for 10 years or so and I started to actually look into products that were natural and better for my skin. This then lead me into researching the chemicals that were not only being released into the products and food we were buying but that even after we had finished with these empty packets and bottles they would continue to contaminate the Earth for many many years to come.
Finally it really hit me when I watched David Attenborough’s Blue planet II that I realised maybe if I could do my bit and really make a change in my lifestyle it would help, even if it was that little tiny bit. You really have just got to love David Attenborough for all of his life’s work. So I knew things had to change and that I wanted to be apart of the solution not the problem. I then started my mission to find alternatives for plastic in every day life.

I am still very early on in my journey and definitely still learning, but I feel so passionate and excited about the changes we can make that I created Peace With The Wild to help others find it easier to access products that are so much better for not only the environment but our very own bodies as well.

So began my dream to open a shop with all natural, earth friendly ingredients and no plastic packaging. Gone are the days with single use plastic that you just throw away to sit in a landfill for the next hundred or so years. I know the frustrations of desperately shopping for a better alternative, finding that alternative but receiving it in plastic packaging, even worse completely uneccessary plastic packaging! This way I knew I could personally ensure that the products I was stocking were made by like minded people with the same values and ethics. Not only this, I can then make sure that my customers are getting products that are natural and IN NO PLASTIC PACKAGING WHAT SO EVER.



The most important thing to me is to find quality products with ingredients derived from nature with as little as possible negative impact on the environment as possible. I feel as though the Earth has so much to offer us in so many ways so it is our duty to nurture and look after it. suppliers who are equally passionate about being eco friendly as much as I am. I also want to ensure that the products I am sending are of high quality with natural, cruelty free ingredients so I will only ever work with suppliers who create products with the same ethics.
I have always struggled when buying any form of product with the lack of information, all I saw was vague descriptions which didn’t help me in anyway. So on my site you will find as much information I can give with detailed descriptions and instructions where needed, plenty of images and videos where possible.
If you have any questions at all about any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you are a supplier of environmentally friendly, plastic free products please get in touch. I am always looking for new items to stock and new ways to help my customers find alternatives to replace plastic and unsustainable goods.



Oh the frustration when finally finding something that isnt in a plastic box or bottle but delivered with plastic filling and duct tape around the cardboard box. This is something you will NOT need to worry about when ordering from Peace With The Wild. There will be no plastic packaging in your order and all deliveries will be in a recyclable cardboard box, with recyclable card packing filler and recyclable paper tape.