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Eco Clothes Pegs Made Using Sustainable Materials That Are Plastic Free

Eco clothes pegs are a zero waste, eco home essential that are perfect for using to hang your washing out on the line and leaving them to dry the plastic free, eco-friendly way.

Many conventional options are made with plastic and are not great for the environment. Plastic options can not always be recycled and can end up polluting the environment, they also pose a significant risk to marine life. Plastic can also take hundreds of years to biodegrade when it does eventually break down it can release microplastics which work their way into waterways!

Another disadvantage of the conventional peg that is made from plastic is that they fade over time, leaving marks on clothes, can snap and even rot. Eco clothes pegs are natural and therefore no colouring can leach onto your clothes, they are also far more durable which makes them last a lot longer and saves your money in the long run.

As well as helping with your eco-friendly laundry routine eco clothes pegs can also be used for a few other fun uses! One use for your eco clothes pegs is using them as photo clips. Hang all your favourite photos and memories to a piece of natural string or natural twine and simply secure together with your eco clothes pegs.

Another amazing idea for your old eco clothes pegs is to get creative and turn them in name holders. You may have a party or table event, whatever the occasion you can give your eco clothes pegs a new lease of life!

If organisation is a top priority then sustainable, eco clothes pegs may be able to help. What's great about eco clothes pegs is that they can be decorated and customised, and then used as bookmarks, day clips, or even as labels around your zero waste, eco home.

At Peace With The Wild we stock eco clothes pegs that are made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and Sustainably beech wood, both are biodegradable. All our natural, eco clothes pegs are hand-picked for their eco-credentials and ensuring they are ethically and sustainably sourced, shop eco clothes pegs that are kind to our planet!

Eco Clothes Pegs That Are Biodegradable

Discover our range of eco clothes pegs that are eco-friendly, plastic free and sustainable. An essential when it comes to a natural, eco-friendly laundry routine! All of our eco clothes pegs are made using bamboo and Sustainably beech wood, both these materials are eco and biodegradable. Supplied in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging that can be recycled, say goodbye to single-use packaging! Shop eco brands Eco Living and Zero Waste Club.

3 products

Products (3)