Reusable Face Coverings That Are Eco Friendly

Discover our range of reusable face coverings that are made using eco, vegan materials such as natural or organic cotton, and bamboo. Reusable face coverings are a sustainable, zero waste alternative perfect while out and about, gardening or cleaning. Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused. Shop eco brands such as Rowen Stillwater, Tabitha Eve and Vesta Living!


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Reusable Face Coverings Made With Natural & Sustainable Materials

Reusable face coverings are versatile and perfect while you are on-the-go. What's great is that they can be reused time and time again!

At Peace With The Wild we stock eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable face coverings that are made using natural and organic materials including cotton, bamboo and natural rubber.

Reusable face coverings can be used for a variety of purposes including gardening! Great when out in the garden and ideal to wear when weeding, potting or planting to prevent dirt and flies from going up your nose or in your mouth.

Not only are eco, reusable face coverings great for use outdoors they are also useful when indoors. Cleaning can sometimes involve using strong smelling products such as essential oils etc. and therefore wearing a sustainable, reusable face covering can help make the cleaning process a bit more comfortable. Also if you are dusting your zero waste home, wearing an eco, reusable face covering is a great way of preventing the inhalation of dust!

At Peace With The Wild we stock handmade, eco, reusable face coverings that have been hand-picked for their sustainable, organic, vegan, zero waste and eco credentials. Available in a variety of designs and prints, we stock reusable face coverings that are suitable for adults and children. All our eco, reusable face coverings are non surgical, are not N95 compliant and not for medical use.