Go Organic This September

Discover our huge range of organic products including skincare, haircare, kitchen, home, and food & drink. All are made with organic ingredients or materials that are kind to you and the earth! Raise awareness of the incredible benefits of organic farming, produce and products and how they benefit our climate, wildlife and health. 


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Everyday Essentials Made With Organic Ingredients Or Materials

Organic products help make a positive change to your life and the environment! Organic September is a month long campaign that helps raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food, farming and products.

One main benefit of choosing organic is that it helps support biodiversity and wildlife.

Shopping organic also helps to combat climate change, lowering green house gases when it comes to manufacturing and farming. Products that are organic also have a lower carbon footprint which in turn helps reduce your own.

Food that is organic is healthier and grown in a much more sustainable, natural way. It also means there has been reduced exposure to pesticides and chemicals!

At Peace With The Wild we stock a wonderful selection of organic products that have been hand-picked for their natural, organic and eco credentials. Supplied in plastic-free packaging that can be recycled or reused! We even stock refillable food which is organic and is supplied in recyclable and compostable paper bags so your can live sustainably.