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Eco Single Toothbrushes Made Using Bamboo & Beechwood

Eco single toothbrushes are perfect for transforming your dental care routine into one that is eco-friendly! Great for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, all our eco single toothbrushes have be specially designed for effective oral cleaning.

At Peace With The Wild we stock a huge selection of eco single toothbrushes that come in plastic free packaging and what is amazing is their handles can be composted after use. Bamboo and beechwood is 100% biodegradable and is far more sustainable alternatives to plastic handles.

In a variety of colours and designs, we have eco single toothbrushes that are suitable for everyone. Did you know many commercial and conventional options are made from 100% plastic that can not always be recycled. Instead they end up going to landfill, which puts strain on resources and contributes to the overcrowding of landfills.

Plastic also breaks down into microplastics which can cause harm to wildlife and the environment! Eco single toothbrushes that are made from recyclable, sustainable bamboo and beechwood helps reduce waste and your carbon footprint.

At Peace With The Wild you can shop an eco-friendly and sustainable selection of eco single toothbrushes that have all been hand-picked for their vegan, eco credentials! Shop much loved eco brands Bambaw, Eco Living, Organically Epic and Barnaby's Brushes, plus many more!

Eco Single Toothbrushes With Recyclable Handles

Discover our range of eco single toothbrushes that are made with natural and sustainable materials such as bamboo and beechwood. A natural dental care essential that is eco-friendly and effective at cleaning your teeth and gums. Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused! Shop eco brands such as Bambooth, Georganics, Truthbrush, Hydrophil and many more...

35 products

Products (35)