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Flour is something that has been around for over 30,000 years, and it has always been a pantry staple. We use flour to make our favourite desserts and other baked or fried goodies that always turn out to be yummy. Most flours are generally vegan, but sometimes manufacturers can sneak in some non-vegan ingredients to prolong shelf life. At Peace With The Wild, we can always refill your flours which you'll be sure is vegan. We've got you covered if you can consume wheat flour due to celiac disease or gluten intolerance. We have other plant flour that you can use at home.

Alternative flours, polenta, chickpea, rye, or spelt have many advantages when you use them at home. First, they help you reduce the amount of wheat flour consumed and introduce new flavours to your food. These types of flour are also rich in fibre, nutrients, minerals, protein, iron, calcium, and other amazing nutrients. Alternative flours are great for helping you make new plant-based ingredients with the most nutrient-rich flour you can get.

Suppose you love making your baking experience more accessible; cake mix in bottles is the solution. You can choose whichever cake mix you want for your cookies or cupcakes, and they'll come ready to mix with liquids and bake. The company plants a tree with every bottled cake mix you purchase.

Sustainable vegan flours and baking

Get your flour refills and cake mix here. All these flours come in plastic-free packaging that's recyclable. These flours have been sustainably sourced and grown organically without the interference of pesticides and herbicides that could cause harm to the environment and plants. If you love baking, you have various flours to get you going as you explore your abilities in the kitchen. All the flours are vegan.

16 products

Products (16)