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Our completely plastic free dish brush is made using sustainably sourced coconut husks, recycled rubber tree and metal wire, this is 100% natural and biodegradable!

These EcoCoconut dish brushes are extremely durable and fantastic for switching your plastic dish brush to a much healthier, non toxic and eco-friendly alternative, perfect for zero waste and conscious living.

What Makes Them Better:

⦁ Plastic free and 100% biodegradable
⦁ Vegan
⦁ Non Scratch, durable and cuts through grease
⦁ Naturally anti-bacterial
⦁ Made using FSC Certified sustainably sourced materials
⦁ Ethically produced in Sri Lanka using eco-friendly practices

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Our dish brush from EcoCoconut is made using coir which is made from the husks of FSC sustainably farmed coconuts which is what makes the 100% natural brush. The handle is made from FSC certified recycled rubber tree wood which has no chemical coating just natural wood meaning it is also non toxic and plastic free.

Coir has been used for centuries in Sri Lanka and the supplier that produces our dish brushes have been trading for over 135 years who are specialised in coconut coir products. These are ethically produced in Sri Lanka where they uphold eco-friendly, health and safety as well as fair trade practices of which the supplier is accredited.

I cannot recommend these natural dish brushes enough they are incredibly strong and durable which will last you ages! I have completely stopped using plastic to wash my dishes with thanks to this vegan cleaning brush.



Our dish brush will last you ages but when the time comes to replace it for a new one in terms of cleaning the dishes, an old dish brush can actually still be used to give the toilet a good old scrub or general cleaning around the home instead! Just don’t mix the old one up with your new one…..

When you have used your Ecococonut dish brush till the very end and it really does need disposing of then you can pop the handle and brush itself into your compost but I would recommend recycling the stainless steel wire.


Additional information

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 270 × 60 × 60 mm

FSC Certified Farmed Coconut Husk


FSC Certified Recycled Rubber Tree Wood


Stainless Steel Wire


25 cm x 5 cm x 3cm

Why Choose Natural

Did you know that most household sponges, dish brushes and synthetic cloths actually realise microplastics into the drainage system. Because these plastics are so tiny they then can escape into the sea or rivers where it releases harmful chemicals as it breaks down even smaller!

Microplastics have actually been found inside fish, seafood as well as drinking water…this is incredibly scary because plastic is extrememly harmful to anything living especially when ingested!

This is why it is so important we make choices that benefit the environment and our health such as choosing natural materials to wash our dishes and clean our house with. Which is why I choose the products we stock carefully to ensure they are eco-friendly, sustainable and ideal for zero waste living.

We now stock EcoCoconut, which is a range of cleaning accessories made with 100% biodegradable materials. When using our dish brush or bottle cleaner you won’t be releasing any microplastics only natural fibres that will naturally biodegrade without causing any harm to marine life or us!

About EcoCoconut

Specialising in coconut based products, EcoCoconut provide sustainable and eco-friendly household alternatives to plastic, designed to make sustainable and eco-friendly living attainable and affordable.

EcoCoconut products are made in Sri Lanka where coconut coir has been used in daily life for centuries. They work closely with their production team and supplier in Sri Lanka who are accredited with fair trade, health and safety as well as environmental practices! It is priority for EcoCoconut to work with ethical and eco-friendly business practices that support their workers and care for the planet!

We stock a range of cleaning products such as bottle brush cleaners and dish brushes all made completely plastic free with sustainably farmed coconut husks, FSC certified timber, recycled rubber trees and metal wire. These EcoCoconut products are 100% biodegradable, vegan and eco-friendly, perfect for reducing unnecessary waste and plastic.

Their values and work ethic is what I really admire about EcoCoconut, this is what makes them such a great company to work with. Because their coconut coir products are so affordable they are accessible for everyone which is great encouragement for the plastic free movement!

EcoCoconut suppliers are accredited with:

• ISO90001 – Quality Management
• ISO14001 – Environmental practices
• SA8000 – Fair trade work practices
• SMETA/SEDEX – Social compliance Audit
• REACH – Compliance for EU union to say that the products have been tested to comply with REACH.