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A Guide to Zero Waste Shaving 1

Did you ever stop to think about how much waste your shaving routine creates? Recent estimates say that we could be throwing away some 2 billion razors into landfills every year, roughly equating to around 454 tonnes of plastic waste. This doesn’t take into account shaving cream bottles and aerosols either. The biggest offenders however are multi-blade cartridge razors which are one of the most wasteful products we have in our bathrooms.

But what is the other option?

Lifetime razors are where it’s at. Otherwise known as safety razors, they might seem a little daunting at first, but in reality, they are pretty simple and effective to use, once you get the hang of them.

Safety razors are built to last a lifetime with some people still using razors dating back from the 1900s. Not all of them will outlive you, but most are pretty indestructible and a much better option than plastic alternatives we throw away after using a couple of times. When it comes to picking one that is going to last, we recommend going to one made of pure stainless steel.

These kinds of razors tend to be unisex and provide a clean, close, and smooth shave wherever you are using it. Whilst the razor itself is built to last, you just need to change the razor blade. Some people resharpen their own, others recycle their blades, and some just dispose of them safely, in the knowledge that they are not dumping any harmful plastics into the environment.

Of course, you can always opt for ones with bamboo handles such as this one from Bambaw which is made with sustainable bamboo and is a great eco and natural alternative to shaving. Alternatively, you can try this wooden handled version which gives you just as much of a good shave, without the environmental impact.

Conventional shaving cream often comes in a metal aerosol that is thrown into landfills once finished. Other options usually include plastic tubes and bottles- neither of which are any good for the world around us. Then, the cream itself- conventional creams are full of drying ingredients including sodium Laureth sulfate, fragrances, parabens, and other foaming agents- all of which can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated.

At Peace With The Wild, we have launched our range of skincare including these luxuriously lovely Organic Shaving Cream. It comes in a metal tin so you don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint, and it is packed full of wonderful natural eco ingredients including shea butter, hemp oil, coconut oil, and jojoba seed oil, all of which help you keep you feeling moisturised and soft.

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