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Choosing the Right Natural Shampoo For You 35

When you choosing a natural shampoo and natural shampoo bar you are likely to see different qualities being advertised such as “SLS free” or “palm oil free” amongst others. But why is this a good thing? Read on to find out more about these words and what they really mean

Sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate

Sodium laureth or sodium lauryl sulphate are otherwise known as SLSs and are the chemicals that help shampoo mix with water, creating the foam that you associate with conventional shampoos. Some companies refer to these as ‘soap’ or ‘foaming agents’ and they have been associated with cell damage and the stripping away for natural oils and hair proteins. Choosing a natural shampoo or natural shampoo bar that doesn’t contain these ingredients will be beneficial for your hair. Because when used over time they can actually make the condition of your hair worse, not better, as well as irritating your skin.

Palm oil

The farming of oil palm trees is very bad for the environment and has been responsible for at least 8% of global deforestation as well as leaving many species of animal on the brink of extinction. It is estimated that over the last 18 years, over 100,000 orangutans have been killed along with elephants, rhinos, and tigers, due to their habitats being destroyed during the farming of palm oil. If you can avoid it in your beauty products by choosing organic, vegan, cruelty free, natural shampoo or natural shampoo bar that is palm oil free, you can help to reduce the demand for this product that has little benefit for you, your skin, or your hair.


Shampoo and conditioner often comes in plastic bottles or tubs, they are rarely recycled and are damaging for the environment when they are produced. Instead, you should opt for eco, organic, vegan, cruelty free, natural shampoos that come in bars, like our natural shampoo bars which do away with the need for any kind of plastic container making them 100% plastic free, and are all completely eco-friendly and zero waste.

Artificial fragrance

If you see ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ on a shampoo ingredients list it usually refers to a blend of chemicals that are there to give a certain odour to a product. In commercial products, more often than not these are man-made synthetic compounds, often petroleum based. What actually goes into these combinations is often hidden from us so we have no idea what we are putting on our skin, or hair. They not only have a negative impact on your health, drying your skin and hair, but they also have an environmental impact due to their manufacture and also the fact they end up in rivers and oceans when we wash them off. Choosing a 100% natural shampoo or natural shampoo bar that is chemical free is a lot kinder not only to our hair but also our planet.


  1. I have coloured hair what shampoo bar should I use?

    Jacquie Rawlings
    1. Hi Jacquie, all of our shampoo bars are made from 100% natural ingredients so they won’t strip the hair at all. This means that they are all suited to coloured hair! We do have the Rosemary shampoo bar for Dark Hair and the Chamomile shampoo bar for light hair, but both of these can be used on any colour too!

  2. I have naturally curly hair which hair bar would be best ?

    1. Hi Lucy, I would recommend the Bain & Savon – Nettle & Marshmallow shampoo bar for curly hair!

      1. Thank you! I used the Nettle and Marshmallow shampoo bar along with the dry hair conditioner bar and they are both fantastic!. My hair is supper soft, the curls are more defined and it smells amazing!

  3. Hi there,

    I have dry hair and dandruff, what bar would you recommend me?

    1. Hi there, I would recommend the Fenungeek shampoo bar for dry hair or the Nettle & Marshmallow shampoo bar. Both of these have great moisturising properties and will help to combat dandruff!

  4. I have greying, very thick hair. Non greasy or any dandruff. What will be the best bar shampoo for my hair type please.
    I’m eager to get going on plastic free as much as possible. I have already change deodorants.

    1. Hi Sonya, I would recommend the Powder Shampoo, it is great and really easy to use when you are first transitioning to 100% natural! Or the Sunny Orange shampoo bar is also good and smells lovely!

  5. I have bleached blonde hair with some grey. It usually needs washing daily as gets greasy but is also very dry at ends. Could you recommend a shampoo bar and conditioning bar for me. Thank you.

    Natalie Roberts
    1. Hi Natalie, you will probably find that if you change to 100% natural shampoo, once through the transition you won’t need to wash your hair as much! This is because your hair will be back to its natural state. I would recommend the Primal Suds Fenungeek shampoo bar or the Powder Shampoo. The powder shampoo should be great for you dry ends! I would also recommend using the Liquid conditioner for dry hair, you will probably find you only need to use a small amount on the ends of your hair. Try not to use a conditioner until you are through your transition period. If you need some more information on transition periods, please check out our blog ‘The Ultimate Guide To Natural Shampoo’. It is on the last page!

  6. Hi,

    I have fine hair which gets oily after 2 days and I live in a very hard water area. Which shampoo bar would you recommend?

    1. Hi Katie, as you live in a hard water area, i would recommend the Beauty Kubes shampoo cubes for Oily Hair. Hard water can sometimes make it impossible to use 100% natural shampoo, these cubes still contain 1 synthetic ingredient so that your hair doesn’t need to transition! If you prefer liquid shampoo, i would recommend the Moo Hair Miracle Shampoo, this is suitable for all hair types!

  7. Do you have any shampoos suitable for babies/toddlers? Something that won’t sting if it got in their eyes?

    1. Hi there, I would recommend choosing a shampoo bar that doesn’t contain any essential oils as children can be sensitive to these. Our most popular shampoo bar for kids is the Primal Suds Nonscents. But the Bain & Savon – Coconut Milk and the Hatton – Unscented would also be fine! All of these shampoo bars are made from 100% natural ingredients so they won’t cause any harm if they get in eyes.

  8. Hi, I have quite a sensitive scalp that hasn’t reacted well to the B&s coconut milk bar. My scalp got really dry and itchy, with lots of dandruff. Is their a bar that would work better for me, I have longish curly hair that gets quite dry?

    Shannon-Anne O'Brien
    1. Hi Shannon-Anne, oh no that is such a shame! It can be tricky to find one that works for us. I can’t recommend the Zero Waste Path shampoo bars enough. They are 100% natural but you have no transition period and they lather up really well. I would recommend giving the Itchy Scalp or the Dry & Curly hair one a go! Have a read of the descriptions and see which one will best suit you! Both have great moisturising properties.

  9. I have curly hair that’s often frizzy with many shampoos. I use frizz ease at the moment as it’s the icky one that seems to manage my hair but I’m keen to switch to a natural product. Please can you recommend which shampoo, conditioner and hair styling to use from your range.

    1. Hi Rachael, I would definitly recommend the Zero Waste Path 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bar for curly hair. They are 100% natural but you don’t get a transition period which is so great! They contain ingredients that are great for hydrating hair and defining curls! I would also recommend the Moo Hair Miracle Milk, you can use this on wet or dry hair and is great for de-tangling, taming frizz, defining curls and conditioning hair!

  10. Hi I am looking for a shampoo and conditioner I have short hair which I wash daily, I have problem hands which blister due to certain products which is why I want to go completely natural in my skin care routine. So hopefully my hands won’t one into contact with harsh products. Not sure about shampoo bars? Can you assist?

    Michele Salkeld
    1. Hi Michele, great to hear you are moving over to natural shampoos! 100% natural should be a lot kinder to your skin! If you are wanting something for super sensitive skin then i would recommend the Coconut Milk shampoo bar, it takes a bit of work to lather it up but if you have short hair that shouldn’t be a problem. It contains no essential oils so is really kind to the skin. Alternatively, if you think you would be ok with essential oils, the Zero Waste Path shampoo bars are amazing, you don’t get a transition period and they are 2 in 1 so no need for conditioner!

  11. Hi there
    I have shoulder length fine hair, and I prefer shampoo that isn’t too moisturising because my hair is so fine, if it’s too soft it is impossible to work with. And it can also make it look greasy quicker. My usual shampoo is a lavender & juniper shampoo bar from lush which has been amazing but I want to support smaller businesses! 🙂 which shampoo would you recommend? I don’t mind what form it comes in. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ash, thanks so much for choosing to support our small business, we really do appreciate it! I would recommend one of the Bain & Savon shampoo bars. They are 100% natural so you may go through a slight transition period, but once through they should be perfect for you. The Sunny Orange is my personal favourite! I would avoid the Nettle & Marshmallow one as this is specifically for re-moisturising the hair! Alternatively, the Primal Suds Shamsoo shampoo for Oily Hair would be great as it wouldn’t be too moisturising. I hope this helps!

  12. Hey! Is the dry shampoo suitable for someone with dark brown hair, as some dry shampoos are “too visible” in dark hair? As your products sound great.

    1. Hi Jean, we do a dry shampoo specifically for dark hair. It is called Barnet, by Primal Suds!

  13. Hi I am 61 have dry and fine hair. I only wash it once a week. Which shampoo do you recommend? 😊

    1. Hi Liz, the Moo Hair range is absolutley amazing for dry hair. It really does leave your hair feeling nourished. It is the higher end of the price range but it is very concentrated so you only need a small amount each time. Alternatively, the Zero Waste Path shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1 for dry hair is lovely!

  14. What shampoo and conditioner bar would you recommend. I have shoulder length hair that tends to get tangled. And I’m a sea swimmer so it’s often wet, sandy and cold! I just wash it twice a week at the moment. Thanks

    1. Hi Claire, I would recommend the Sunny Orange shampoo bar or the Zero Waste Path shampoo for dry and curly hair. They are both very moisturising so should hopefully help with the tangling! I would also recommend to use a conditioner on the ends of your hair too, it can help to leave it in for a little while to help with hair that tends to get tangled!

  15. Hi
    I am a Male with short wavy hair that doesnt act well to conditioner.which shampoo bar would you recommend. Thanks for your help

    Christopher Brown
    1. Hi Chris, if your hair doesn’t recommend well to conditioner then i would recommend the Bain & Savon Sunny Orange shampoo bar or one of the Bain & Savon shampoo tins (the fresh thyme one smells amazing!). Alone, these should condition the hair enough to keep it healthy so that you don’t need a conditioner!

  16. Hello, I have long, thick hair that can get oily/greasy at the scalp but the ends are dry. What shampoo and conditioner bars would you recommend?

    1. Hi Helen, any 100% natural shampoo bar should really help to balance your natural oils. You will find that your hair doesn’t get as oily/greasy as often once you have transitioned! I would recommend starting off with the Zero Waste Path for Oily Hair, as well as helping with the oils in your hair, it will also keep those ends nice and moisturised. I also love the Sunny Orange shampoo bar. It creates a good lather and so is great for your first shampoo bar.

  17. Hi! I have a dry and flaky scalp, but it’s also prone to oiliness near the roots. My hair was frizzy before shampoo bars but the bar I’m using right now isn’t suitable for my hair. Which one would you recommend for me?

    1. Hi Nikki, I would recommend either the Zero Waste Path shampoo for Itchy Scalp or the Awake Organics shampoo powder. The Itchy Scalp bar contains ingredients that will relive the dry scalp whilst helping to balance your natural oils. The shampoo powder is great for keeping the scalp moisturised whilst taming that frizz! Both are 100% natural so are really kind to the skin. The liquid conditioner for dry & itchy may also be a good option for you!

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