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Little Green Soap Company Natural Herbal Healing Salve

Healing Your Inside From the Outside 1

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs as much as 64% of what it comes into contact with. This means that not only do you need to take care of what you put on your skin, but it also means you can heal your body inside, by applying the right products on the outside.

Here are some examples.

Colds and Sniffles

Colds, coughs, sniffles, and stuffiness are all part and parcel of life, particularly during the autumn and winter months. Instead of resorting to chemical sprays and pills, there are a wide range of natural products and ingredients that have therapeutic properties which can soothe and even alleviate a range of complaints. A popular way to get rid of blocked up noses and chesty coughs is to use products that include eucalyptus and peppermint.

Eucalyptus has been used for centuries to fight off bronchitis and blocked noses and its active ingredient, 1,8 cineole is known for its ability to fight viruses. Combined with peppermint oil, which contains menthol and is also known for being effective against viruses, they can create a potent mixture that can provide much sought after relief from a range of bugs. Apply such tinctures topically to chests, backs, and necks to breathe in the natural healing vapours as your body heat disperses it through the air.

Aching Muscles

Aching muscles can occur at any time- after workouts, after unexpected activity, or due to illness- however they occur, relief is sought after and craved by those that suffer. Finding a natural way to reduce the pain that comes with aching limbs is preferable so you do not end up ingesting or absorbing any harmful chemicals into your body. Heal your muscles with natural balms that contain organic and vegan ingredients such as camfrey and yarrow. These ingredients are known for reducing swelling and for their soothing effect on joints and bones. Also look out for lavender oil for its anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger for the way it warms the skin, helping to ease the pain of rheumatic, arthritic, and muscular pain.

Tattoo Healing

After being tattooed, your skin is understandably rather sore and bruised. In addition to this, to aid healing and to ensure the ink is retained within the dermis you need to keep it moisturised. After some days, the skin can flake and peel, causing discomfort, opening the skin to infection, and reducing the vibrancy of the art work. Each day, the skin should be gently cleaned with warm water, and then a layer of natural balm should be applied. It is best to opt for organic, vegan and natural balms that don’t put any nasties into the open skin. Beeswax and shea butter are great for this purpose as shea butter has antibacterial properties and beeswax creates a layer over the skin, sealing in moisture and protecting it from the outside world whilst it heals.

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