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How to Shave With a Safety Razor 3

Not only are safety razors better for the environment but they provide a much closer shave, eliminate pain and irritation, reduce ingrown hairs, and are better for your skin. That said, for those that have never used them, they can be a little daunting. But believe us when we say, once you get the hang of it, you will never look back.


Adding the blade

  • Hold the handle of the razor in your hand and unscrew the bottom with your other hand. 
  • The top will then open like the wings of a butterfly and you will see a bar down the centre.
  • Remove the blade from the paper packaging, holding it by the short sides.
  • Put the blade in the top of the razor, making sure the bar lines up with the opening in the centre of the blade.
  • Twist the bottom of the razor closed, making sure it is tight to stop the blade from coming loose when you shave.



  • Lather up the area of skin you wish to shave using your organic shaving cream or soap and a vegan shaving brush.
  • Place the shaver at a 30-35 degree angle- this is the optimum angle to ensure you get all of the hairs, but don’t end up cutting yourself
  • Shave in short strokes using little pressure, instead relying on the weight of the razor to provide the right amount of pressure to get a good shave.



  • Once you have finished shaving, take the razor apart before rising it thoroughly and then drying it with a towel. It is important to remove all moisture from the razor and the blade, but be mindful not to cut yourself!
  • Rinse the soap/cream residue from your face and add a moisturiser if desired.
  • If travelling with your razor, be sure to keep it wrapped up so that there is no risk of it injuring you, anyone else, or causing any damage to the things you pack it amongst.


See, that wasn’t so hard was it?


  1. Having just placed a second order with you, it feels like Christmas each time, I get really excited not only to receive the goods but knowing that my husband and I are doing our bit to help the environment and hopefully make a change for our grandchildren’s future.
    But if I can make just one small comment, I have ordered the natural grass pen but had to order a refill too as I have to write in black at work, not a moan just an comment.
    Looking forward to receiving my next order.

    Julie Midwinter
  2. Hi looking for a eco razor to use on legs and arm pits rather than face, is a safety razor good for woman too?.I’m terrible at shaving and worry I’ll slice myself to shreds?!.

    1. Hi Holly, all of our safety razors are suitable for both men & women. The Mutiny razor is the lightest out of them all so might be the easiest to get used too! Check out our Instagram (IGTV) for videos & tips on how to use a safety razor.

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