Rainbow Unroll Gift Set


12 Rolled Unpaper Towels - Rainbow

Rolled Unpaper Towels Rainbow Solids Size - Approx. – 12″ x 10″ Rolled Unpaper towels are bundled around a carboard tube that fits the Marley's Monsters wooden holder. Unpaper towels are reusable and washable, the perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposables like napkins and paper towels, which all come packaged in plastic too! The bold and colourful cotton is a fun and cool way to reduce waste and liven up your sustainable kitchen!

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Unpaper Towel Wooden Holder

Size - 6" Diameter Birch Plywood Base 1" Diameter Removable Hard Wood Dowel Marley's Monsters unpaper towels wooden holder is specially designed to store your Marley's Monsters pre-rolled unpaper towels with ease on a roll. Slide the dowel off the base, roll up your unpaper towels and then slide it back on or simply slide your pre-rolled unpaper towels on.

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