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The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products You Need To Know About 3

We’re beyond excited to share that we’ve been working hard to create some new cleaning products for our online and refill store, all of which aim to offer a solution to the plastic problem particularly where household cleaning is concerned, and provide an all-round greener clean. 

Oxygen Bleach

The first of the natural cleaning products listed is an absolute must-have since it is so versatile. Our eco-friendly alternative to bleach is just as effective as chlorine bleach, removing stains, disinfecting surfaces and brightening whites, without harming the environment. This non-toxic, gentle Oxygen Bleach gives off zero harmful fumes and is safe, biodegradable and consciously packaged.

Non-Bio Laundry Powder

The second eco-friendly household product we’ve been working on is our Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Powder. A vegan-friendly alternative to many mainstream brands, this product is all about reducing single-use plastic, which is extremely common in the industry, as well as avoiding harsh chemicals and palm oil. Generally gentler and a better choice for sensitive skin, our natural laundry powder comes in a range of options, including Tea Tree & Orange, Rosemary & Lavender and Unscented.

Drain Fresh

The third of our new eco-friendly cleaning products is our Drain Fresh. When using natural soap bars, you may find residue around the plughole and drain. Drain Fresh exists to be your new cleaning best friend! While there are many chemical options out there, our product is a safe, all-natural product for pipes and drains. 100% biodegradable, Drain Fresh allows you to keep your drain clean, the eco-friendly way. It can also be used to refresh washing machines and dishwashers, remove tea and coffee stains from mugs, and break down food from roasting tins and trays.

Washing Up Powder

For sustainable and effective cleaning, our final new product is a zero-waste Washing Up Powder. Banish the myth that eco-friendly cleaning products just aren’t as tough on stains and dirt, and experience the possibilities of creating an effective, natural foam for cleaning your pots and pans. A little goes a long way, and the beauty of this product is that it is completely plastic-free, natural and biodegradable.

We hope you enjoy trying our natural laundry, kitchen and household cleaning products, which are kinder to the environment, avoid harsh chemicals, and still ensure an exceptional clean. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Written By Hannah Stark


  1. Hi Lewis ,

    Thank you so much for your lovely feedback ! I’m so glad you found our article helpful

  2. I am in the process of decorating my kitchen. The ceiling had about 30 years worth of cooking grease on it. I used your one drop sample which I had come through my door free about a year or so. It works like a charm. I usually use it on worktops and shelves. It has done a beautiful job of getting rid of the grease, it just wipe away really easily. I had tried another multi purpose cleaner first, but it took a long time and I had to keep wiping it over the same peice and pushing it really hard before I could get the grease off. Not good while you are on top of a step ladder. Your product was so easy to spray on, and got the grease off much quicker than before. Brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone. I am going to order some more now.

    1. Good afternoon Suzy
      Thankyou for so much for the positive feedback.
      Its lovely to hear you are so happy with your purchase
      Thank you for letting us know its greatly appreciated
      Kind regards

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