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Three Easy Swaps To Kick Off The New Year Leave a comment

Whether your new year’s resolution is to be greener or now simply feels like the right time to make a change, we’ve put together a list of some of the easiest eco-friendly product swaps.


The Reusable Drinking Bottle

It’s 2021 and it can sometimes feel like a bit of a shock to see that plastic bottles, particularly water bottles, are still sold and consumed. Sadly in the UK alone, there’s an average of 16 million plastic bottles which don’t make their way to the recycling bin every single day.

But switching from single-use plastic bottles to a reusable drinking bottle is an effortless swap with a long-term impact, significantly helping to reduce plastic waste. From taking a bottle of cold water to your exercise class to enjoying a hot drink on your daily commute, we’ve got you covered with our range of plastic-free drinking bottles.

The Bamboo Toothbrush

A drop in the ocean is what it may seem like to swap your toothbrush, but it’s also what happens to the majority of used plastic ones worldwide. And when you consider how many each person goes through in their lifetime – approximately 300 on average – it’s a little easier to see how it all adds up.

Plastic toothbrushes can rarely be recycled because their composite plastics are almost impossible to separate, meaning they stick around on the earth for over 400 years. However, bamboo is a great substitute since it can be composted and will biodegrade. The bamboo toothbrush it just as effective when it comes to cleaning your teeth, plus it has naturally antibacterial properties.

The Wax Food Wrap

Disposable plastic clingfilm is a staple item in many households since it is considered to be extremely convenient, however it is incredibly bad news for the environment. A symbol of our throwaway society, around 1.2 million tonnes of plastic film arises in the UK waste stream every year.

Fortunately, a greener alternative does exist in the form of the reusable wax wrap. From beeswax to vegan wraps, reusable food wraps are perfect for storing leftovers and equally versatile. Using the warmth of your hands to soften, wax food wraps can be used in the same way as cling film to cover fruit and vegetables, sandwiches and bowls – but can be used time and time again.

From the kitchen to the bathroom and even on-the-go, we hope you find inspiration from these simple, easy and cost-effective ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Let us know how you’re taking small steps to a more mindful 2021 in the comments below, or on social media.

Written by Hannah Stark

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