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Why You Need to Tone Your Skin Leave a comment

There may be some of you that think you don’t need to tone your skin. Perhaps you are worried about getting dry, irritated or sore- if this has been your experience in the past, then the chances are that you were just using the wrong formula.

What is a natural toner?

A natural toner is a water or gel-based liquid that is used to balance your skin levels after you use face wash or makeup remover. It can also be used to lift oil-based eco friendly facial cleansers from your skin after you have used them. Most skincare says that after cleansing, your skin becomes much more alkaline which makes it more prone to damage and irritation. By using a natural toner you can balance out your skin and prevent any of those issues. 

Benefits of natural toner?

As well as balancing your skin, a natural toner helps to prepare your skin to absorb the ingredients that are in your natural moisturiser or serum. In addition to this, using a natural toner is a great way to ensure that you get all of the oil and dirt out of your pores that you might have missed when you used your eco friendly facial cleanser. It can also be a great way of helping you resolve any skin problems you have- for example, a rosewater toner can help you if you have dry skin that suffers from redness.

Who needs a natural toner?

Everyone should use a natural toner and there are no restrictions on gender, age, or skin type. Some people believe that natural toners are only for those with oily skin or acne, but this is not true. Remember that when you wash your face, the cleanser strips all of the natural oils off the skin and makes your face alkaline- using a toner balances your pH and helps your skin to accept whatever lotions or potions you put on it afterwards. Toning should be an essential part of everyone’s natural skincare routine. 

How do you use a natural toner?

After you have removed makeup or used a eco friendly facial cleanser, you should apply a few drops of toner to one of our reusable makeup remover pads, and apply gently all over your face and neck. Leave for a few moments, allowing it to soak into your skin, before proceeding with the next step, such as applying a natural moisturiser.

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