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Organic Essence lip balm

5 Myths About Lip Care 1

When it comes to natural lip care there are quite a few myths floating around. Can you get addicted to natural lip balm? Should children use natural lip care products? Should you just leave your lips alone? Find answers to these questions and more here!

#1 You don’t need to care for your lips

Unlike other areas of skin on your body, your lips don’t have sweat or sebaceous glands which means they are unable to produce sebum. This naturally occurring substance protects lips against heat and cold and provides moisture but as your lips don’t produce it, this means they are at risk of drying out. This means you need to keep them moisturised with a natural lip balm that has the most natural, vegan, organic and ethical ingredients you can find.

#2 Natural Lip care can make your lips drier

Dry and chapped lips are caused by stress, hormonal issues such as pregnancy, or environmental factors such as cold or hot weather. Taking care of them with a good quality, natural lip balm using organic ingredients is the best way to moisturise them and keep them healthy. Not using any form of lip care will result in them becoming or staying dry and sore.

#3 Natural Lip care is addictive

Using natural lip balm and taking care of your pout is not addictive. By looking after this delicate skin and keeping it in good shape, you will notice a positive change in how it looks and feels. Ensuring that this level of care is maintained in order to see and feel the benefits is the only ‘addictive’ side effect of natural lip care.

#4 Lipstick can replace natural lip balm

Not really, no. Conventional lipsticks cannot replace natural lip balm as they do not contain any of the caring, gentle organic ingredients that quality natural lip balms do. If however you are purchasing one of our gorgeous selection of lip paints or lipsticks that come in plastic free packaging and are made with sustainable, natural, vegan, moisturising ingredients. We would still always suggest putting on a slick of natural lip balm before you apply lip colour to allow for optimum moisture retention and a smoother layer of colour.

#5 Children should avoid lip care

Children’s skin is even more delicate and sensitive than ours and as such we should ensure we help them to take good care of it. Particularly in the summer and winter months, using a organic, vegan, natural lip balm on your child can help keep their lips healthy, not irritated, and protected.

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