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Being able to pucker up with a perfect pout can pose as something of a challenge if you are prone to dry or chapped lips. Even if you aren’t, keeping your lips soft, supple, and lipsmackingly moisturised should be a priority. Conventional lip balms are packed full of ingredients such as petroleum and silicone that make your lips feel soft and moisturised, but don’t actually do anything to heal your lips from within.

If you are looking for a natural lip balm to soothe and protect, here are some ingredients to look out for that are known for their outstandingly great benefits for lips.

#1 Beeswax

Found in many different kinds of skincare products and lip balms, organic beeswax is created by worker bees who use the wax to create their homes. It is also great for your lips because it is packed full of naturally occurring fatty acids and it creates a protective barrier between your lips and the elements. It is also perfect for helping to lock moisture in, condition and hydrate dry or cracked pouts.

#2 Coconut Oil

Made from the fruit of coconut palm trees, coconut oil is the ultimate multi-purpose skincare elixir. Naturally rich in minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids it makes the perfect intensive treatment for sore or dehydrated lips. It also has natural antibacterial qualities and is great for soothing irritated skin.

#3 Shea Butter

Considered a superfood and a super ingredient, Shea Butter is universally regarded as one of the best substances to use in quality, natural skincare and lipbalms. Extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, it is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help to repair cells. It protects lips from environmental aggressors and has anti-inflammatory properties that nourish, soothe, and calm.

#4 Jojoba Oil

Made from the seed of the jojoba plant, jojoba is actually a wax but it feels light when you layer it onto the skin. It works by penetrating deeply into the layers of your dermis, providing long-lasting moisture and restoring natural balance. It is great for repairing chapped skin- soothing and rejuvenating it as it goes.

#5 Vitamin E

Vitamin E or ingredients containing Vitamin E such as safflower oil and some nut oils, are vital for healthy skin, particularly on delicate areas such as the lips. A powerful antioxidant it also helps to boost the penetration, retention, and benefits of other ingredients within the balm.

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