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How to use eco friendly cotton swabs!

A guide to using your eco friendly bamboo cotton swabs for beauty, health, manicures, and even medical use!

There are lots of uses for the humble cotton swab other than cleaning out your ears. Here are some of the ways you can utilise them to make your life a little bit easier!

Ear cleaning

Ok, you are not supposed to use cotton swabs to clean your ears but if you are going to do it anyway, at least make sure you are using eco friendly varieties. You can use the swab to gently clean around the outside of the ear, removing excess skin or any built up gunk. Just refrain from using it within the ear and focus on its ability to get to other hard to reach areas.

Applying makeup

Cotton swabs are great for applying makeup such as glitter, eyeshadow, lip colour and eyeliner. All you need to do is load up the swab with a bit your product of choice and use it to sweep colour onto your desired bit of skin. Cotton swabs are great for smudgy, smokey eyes or for a colourful, rosy pout.

Removing makeup

Cotton swabs are also great at getting rid of makeup, particularly around the eyes in the case of eyeliner and eyeshadow. Just load up the swab with some makeup remover and use it to get into the creases and corners of your eyes to shift stubborn products. You can also use it to clean makeup residue out of the corners of your nose- a spot that larger makeup removing rounds can sometimes miss.


Another great use for cotton swabs is to remove nail polish from your cuticles or fingers after a manicure. Simply dip the swab into your nail polish remover and gently clean the offending area for a perfect finish!

Medical uses

Cotton swabs are great for cleaning out small cuts or grazes. Just dip into whatever you are using to clean the would and gently dab at the area until it is cleaned.

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