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A Guide To Ditching Plastic Bottles 2

Want to ditch the plastic bottles from your life? Here’s how!

An easy and quick guide to ditching plastic bottles from you home and replacing them with plastic free alternatives.

Here is how you can easily get rid of plastic bottles in your home by replacing them with sustainable, natural, plastic free alternatives.


Toothpaste tubes– ditch plastic tubes of toothpaste and get yourself toothy tabs which are just as effective but are also completely natural and plastic free!

Mouthwash bottles– Mouthwash is an essential part of your dental care routine but that doesn’t mean it has to come in plastic bottles. Check out these great, plastic free and natural alternatives.

Deodorant bottles– First of all, you should switch to deodorant instead of antiperspirant, and you should make sure it comes either in a solid form, or in recycled and recyclable containers. 


Shower gel bottles- Get rid of plastic shower gel bottles and switch them out for gorgeous natural alternatives that come in glass instead. Or, you could ditch packaging completely and opt for a good, old fashioned bar of soap!

Exfoliator tubs- You can switch out plastic tubes or bottles of exfoliator and body scrub for natural alternatives that are free from chemicals and come either in a bar, or a glass container with a metal lid. No plastic waste here!


Makeup remover– good quality makeup remover doesn’t have to come in plastic, nor does it have to  contain harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients. We stock a varied assortment of creams, melts, oils, and butters that can remove even the most stubborn products.

Toner– the same applies to toners. Natural, gentle toners in glass bottles are the perfect alternative to chemical-filled commercial brands that come in plastic. Get yours here!


Dish soap- No need for plastic bottles here either- get your hands on some solid dish washing soap bars instead. Just as effective at getting your china and pots and pans clean, these bars are plastic free and devoid of any chemical nasties.

All purpose cleaner- these biodegradable sachets are a great replacement for a number of household cleaning products. Just pop the sachet into a reusable spray bottle, add water and you are good to go! The whole sachet is soluble! 

Floor cleaner- If you want a sustainable, zero waste alternative to your usual floor cleaner- we’ve got you covered. This powder, when sprinkled into your bucket of water will make your tiles, woodwork, or slates smell divine!

Hand soap- No need for plastic bottles of hand soap, just get your mitts on some wonderful soap bars, lather up, and don’t worry about anything else!


Spray bottles– Instead of using soaps and sprays in plastic bottles, you can use these amber glass spray bottles instead. Sustainable and infinitely recyclable, the glass is also non-leaching and completely eco friendly.


Detergent and fabric softener– Instead of resorting to plastic bottles full of harsh, artificial chemicals, imagine you could opt for simple powders and egg shaped wonders instead? Laundry eggs can be popped inside the washer, and these washing powders that come in paper bags can be used like a regular detergent. The bonus is that both are completely plastic free!


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